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The Journal publishes in all fields of sustainable development. Papers are peer-reviewed according to the generally accepted criteria for scientific work.


Authors are responsible for the originality of the work, permission to publish and permission to reproduce any cited figures, and proofreading.


All papers must be in English. Papers are restricted to 5000 words in length. Papers with fewer than1500 words will be considered as Short Notes. Manuscripts must be double-spaced, on one side of the paper only and on standard sized paper (e. g. European A4-21 by 29.6 cm). Each paper should consist of following sections, in order: title, abstract, key words, text, acknowledgement, references, Internet references, figure captions, figures, table captions, tables and appendices (if any), photograph captions, photographs. Pages should be numbered. Authors should provide e-mail of corresponding author.

Title- The title should be brief but accurately descriptive of the content. The title should be followed by authors names, (as they are to appear in print) and institutional affiliations. The corresponding authors e-mail address should follow (or fax number if no e-mail is available).

Abstract- The abstract should be concise, about 100 words and certainly no more than 150 words. It should contain the main findings of the work in specific, rather than general terms. Contain no references and should be complete without reference to the text. Acronyms should be avoided. Omit the abstract if the paper is a Short Note.

Key word- A list of five key words should be supplied. Avoid repeating words used in the title. Key words are omitted from the Short Note.

Text- The text should be divided into numbered sections with the first order headings, and, if necessary, second and third order headings. Do not use footnotes. Equations should be numbered.
Acknowledgement- The acknowledgements should be confined to one short paragraph.

References- References should be in the public domain and should not include unpublished work, private communications or papers not yet accepted for publication. The style to be used is exemplified by the following:

For Journals: Qin Y X, Song X D, Wang C Y, et al., 1997. Coalification of the upper Paleozoic coal and its control to the generation and preservation of coalbed methane in the Southern Shanxi. Journal of China Coal Society, 22:230-235 (in Chinese)

For Books: Kong X M, XU H L, LI Y L, et al., 1996. Late Paleozoic Coal-bearing Strata and Biota in Shaanxi China. Xian; Shaanxi Science and Technology Press, 280 (in Chinese)
Plank C J, 1978. Posinski E J. US Patent, 4 081 490, 1978-02-15

References should be cited parenthetically in the text by author and year of publication, and be listed alphabetically by first authors last name. The authors must be cited in the order in which they first appeared in publication.

Units The SI (metric) system of units must be used, but other units may be included in brackets.

Figures All figures must be numbered consecutively and referred to in the text. Captions should be listed at the top of the paper. Line drawings should be prepared according to the highest standards of clarity. If computer-drawn figures are provided, state-of-the-art graphics technology must be used, so as to make them indistinguishable in quality from the highest quality hand drawings.

Photographs Photographs should be used only when line diagrams cannot communicate the information.

Tables Tables must have a title, and must be referred to in the text. Tables must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals, in the order in which they appear in the text. Tables in parts should be labeled Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc. [Note capital letters] .


The process is supervised by the Editorial Committee, according to the following criteria: the paper must contain new significant scientific results in the field of sustainable development.

It must be concise, clearly written and logically self-consistent.

The conclusions must be justifiable from the data.


Page proofs will be sent to the first (or corresponding) author for checking. Corrections to proofs must be restricted to printers errors. Any substantial alterations other than these may be charged to the author. Page proofs must be corrected and returned to the publisher as soon as possible.


Papers may be submitted directly to the Editors as follows:
Sun Ying, Wen Wujun, Liu Xiaowen, Editorial Room, Chinese Journal of Population.

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