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3. Additional paymentsto parents-tutors of every child under 3 years

1) 50% ofminimal salaries and wages

4. Additional days off4 days a month

1) Accordingto the average daily salary

5. Additionalpayment to reach the amount of the previous salary in the event of thetransfer to the lower paid job

During 4 months

6. For taking carefor.



7. Compensation forevery month in jail

1) 3/4 of the MSW( but not more than 100 MSW)

8. Singlesubsidy

1) 1 SW in the cityand 2 MSW in the countryside

1)MSW- uponfinishingh school

2)montly stipendium- annually

2) Monthly stipend anually

9. The set of clothes( foot wear) or monetary compensation)

















10. Rehabilitationfinancial aid


1) Handicapped of the Ist and IInd category. – 5 MSW;.– 2)5 MSW-handicapped of the IIIrd category;

3) Others- 1-3 MSW

11. The loss of thebread-winner

1)families- 100 MSW=s


parents- 50 MSW=s-

12. Compensation forthe damage to the health

1)Single to handicapped:

I - 100 MSW=s

II - 70 MSW=s

III - 50 MSW=s

13. Pensions fordisabled

1)Not less than 7 MSW=s


Aditional payment to students of high schools, secondaryvocational training schools

1)Raised by 100%

15. Monetarycompensation

  1. Monthly: 20-60% of MSW to non-working;

2) 0.8 to 4.0 MSW=s- at enterprises of allforms of ownership

2. 0.8 – 4 MSW at the enterprises of allproperty forms

16. Children subsidiesfor children from needy families

1)Raised by 100%

17. Subsidy for achild under 3 years

1)Raised by 100%

18. Maintenance of theaverage salary

1)In the event of retraining

The main deficiencies of the currentcategories-based system of benefits are:

  1. The eligibility for a significant number of various benefits wasset in compliance with a non-homogenous legal base (with Resolutions of theCouncil of Ministers of the USSR and RSFSR, federal laws, Decrees of thePresident, Resolutions of the RF Government, legislative acts of the Subjectsof the Federation, and other legislative acts both on kinds of benefits andcategories of their recipients. Over 232 laws of RF, presidential Decrees andthe RF Government’sResolutions enacted since 1991 that required additional funding of socialneeds. There was no systemic practice of adoption of legislative acts, and inthe majority of cases they do not contain mechanisms of realization ofcitizens’ rights, northey specify sources for their funding, and they are inconsistent with thecurrent interbudgetary relations. The current legislation requires anadditional elaboration of Government’s acts and the respective acts ofexecutive bodies of the Subjects that concern regulation of benefitsallocation.
  2. There are no criteria of the provision of social benefits. Thesocial benefits are provided according to the principle of a formal attributionto a certain social group or even profession. In addition, some benefits arealso designated for members of families of individuals eligible forbenefits. Even within a social and group stratum one can note social inequalityin terms of the provision of benefits. Thus, in compliance with the laws Onsocial protection of citizens suffered from radiation due to the Chernobylcatastrophe and On veterans, all the disabled persons, regardless of thereasons for their disability are entitled for certain benefits, however, theanalysis shows that on the basis of different laws different groups ofdisabled receive incomparable amounts of benefits andcompensations.
  3. The public funds are dispersed due to the excessive availabilityand simplicity of receipt of benefits. Single categories of citizens receivebenefits on many grounds during a long time period without any evaluation oftheir respective needs, thus decreasing the efficiency of such benefits fortheir recipients.
  4. The benefits system is characterized with a lack of funds fortheir provision, as well as with a lack of transparency of their channeling.Many legislative and legal documents do not strictly stipulate the sources forfinancing of expenditure on the provision of certain kinds of benefits to thepopulation.
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