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  • expenditures for military personnel are supported with the information about its strength as broken down by key categories;
  • expenditures for military procurement are substantiated by the information about planned purchases of concrete models of planes, tanks, missiles, etc.;
  • expenditures for capital construction are substantiated by the information about airports, bases, residential housing, etc. being in the process of construction.

All this is planned and presented not separately, but in the budget and respective supplements.

As concerns the Russian planning practices, there are separately elaborated and approved, and, therefore, separately>

The second problem is the declassification of reports concerning execution of the federal budget. The budgeting and reporting are carried out by different departments of the Finance Ministry. Probably it is a reason why one of the most important requirements set forth by the RF Budget Code: Reporting on administration of the budget should be compiled in accordance with the same structure and budget>

It is necessary to comply with the requirement (to be introduced immediately, starting with the report for year 2003) that the structure of reporting on the execution of the budget should correspond to the structure of the budget itself so the reports fully reflected all budget indicators across all supplements to the federal budget taking into account the approved level of their transparency.

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