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Authors Information Timofeev Adil Vasilievich Dr. Sc., Professor, Honoured Scientist of Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences, 199178, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 14-th Line, 39, phone: +7-812-328-0421; fax: +7-812-328-4450, e-mail: tav@iias.spb.su Nechaev Alexander Ivanovich Scientific Researcher, Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS, 199178, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 14-th Line, 39, e-mail: nechaev@iias.spb.su Fourth International Conference I.TECH 2006 Gulenko Igor Evgenievich Post Graduate Student, Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences, 199178, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 14-th Line, 39, e-mail: gig@yandex.ru Andreev Vasily Alexandrovich Post Graduate Student, Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS, 199178, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 14-th Line, 39, e-mail: vasiliy-a@yandex.ru Chernakova Svetlana Eduardovna Minor Scientist, Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS, 199178, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 14-th Line, 39, e-mail: chernakova@iias.spb.su Litvinov Mikhail Vladimirovich Post Graduate Student, Baltic State Technical University Voenmech, 190005,Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1-st Krasnoarmeyskaya, 1, e-mail: sid-4d@inbox.ru MEDICAL DATA-ADVISORY WEB-RESOURCE MED-HEALTH Anatoly I. Bykh, Elena V. Visotska, Tatjana V. Zhemchuzhkina, Andrey P. Porvan, Alexander V. Zhuk Abstract: In this article the medical data-advisory web-resource developed by authors is considered. This resource allows carrying out information interchange between consumers of medical services and the medical establishments giving these services, as well as firms-manufacturers of medical equipment and medicaments.

Main sections of this web-site, their purposes and capabilities are considered in this article.

Keywords: web-resource, information interchange, medical establishment, medical equipment, medical advice.

Introduction Since electronic global networks appeared it is possible to watch the tendency of the Internet-technologies applications in different fields of human activity. However, application of such technologies in medicine remained aloof until recently. It is bound with following: not any information can be transferred to a network, and the transmitted information not always corresponds to the general requirements to the data transfer.

One of the guidelines in modern Internet-technology applications is development of medical data-advisory resources which allow getting a different medical information, as well as remote advice of the expert in certain field of medicine. We can refer to these progressive guidelines basic medical sites, different municipal information portals, specialized sites of the medical services, sites of firms-manufacturers of medical equipment or their trade representatives, etc.

Urgency of the Problem Among known web-resources we can mark sites of private clinics Dr. Alex, Firmament, and specialized sites Mednet, Doctor-home, giving the information about departments of these medical establishments, medical personnel, the lists of services and medical equipment which is available there. However, these sites contain information concerning only certain medical establishment, and guest of these sites often cant get complete information about necessary question in one place, and this takes expense of time and means. Besides, many institutions save on information about other medical establishments and their services with aim to reduce costs for site making. Thats why we cant say about working efficiency of these sites.

In that way, making of the medical data-advisory resource which takes into account all noted above lacks, gives interest and is actual problem.

Information Technologies in Biomedicine Working up of the Medical Data-advisory Resource If to consider medical web-resources (sites) as integrated data-advisory system it is necessary to distinguish key components of this system. It is offered to consider this system as integration of representatives of purposeful groups. Regarding these groups the medical institution has or can have communicative aims. Traditionally distinguish external and internal web-resource environments (fig. 1).

Figure 1 - External and internal web-resource environments In case of medical data-advisory web-resource external environment contains:

- clients-consumers of services, proposed by medical institutions (population, physicians, pharmacologists, medical establishments of different types);

- clients-providers, giving the information for allocation in web-resource (medical establishments, drugstores, firms-manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical preparations, etc.).

The internal environment of medical data-advisory web-resource is essentially information resource, containing information of the following contents:

- the index of medical establishments; parts selected in structure of these establishments; existing medical cabinets; medical private offices;

- the personnel of medical establishment (personal data of treating and advising doctors, attendants, etc.);

- the medical equipment (diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which is available there, capabilities of this equipment, the list of the procedures spent with this equipment; the advertising information of firmsmanufacturers of the medical equipment);

- services given by medical establishments (consultations of doctors, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, etc.).

It is possible to allocate three base functions of an offered Web-resource:

1. Information function - realization of information and advertising activity of the Web-resource (giving of the information about the medical institutions, given services, consultations, the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, medical preparations, etc.), Fourth International Conference I.TECH 2006 2. Communicative function - function of information interchange between clients and a resource (this resource is the information intermediary between consumers of medical services and establishments, which these services give);

3. Service function - giving of advisory services both in on-line and off-line mode, giving of the information about capabilities of diagnostics and treatment in different medical institutions, function of electronic payments and an electronic drugstore.

The site consists of six basic sections: medical establishments, doctors, medical equipment, medical specialization, drugstores and contacts (fig. 2).

Figure 2 - The block diagram of the medical data-advisory web-resource The section Medical establishments comprises the information about all existent medical institutions (medical scientific research institutes; hospitals; polyclinics; sanatoriums/preventoriums; the medical centers; medical units; dispensaries. This section contains the information about a type of the establishment, its personnel; the contact information; the other help information concerning the medical establishment.

The section Doctors contains the personal information about doctors, a place of job, their medical specializations, the experience of job, the achievements, used methods of treatment, the contact information. The opportunity to find out about consultations and other kinds of the services offered by the doctor, including services online is given in this section.

Information Technologies in Biomedicine The section Medical specialization includes the basic directions of diagnostics and the therapies selected in activity of medical establishments and doctors (for example, cardiology, surgery, ophthalmology, etc.).

The section Medical equipment contains the information about the equipment contained in concrete medical establishments, with the description of its capabilities and services given with this equipment; the information of firms-manufacturers about the medical equipment produced by them.

The section Drugstore includes all assortments of the goods of medical purpose offered by drugstores, as the information about an address of the drugstore. The opportunity of orders of the goods through the Internet with home delivery is given.

The section Contacts contains the information for communication with administration of the site at occurrence of questions or offers.

The created Web-resource is designed as for those who cares of the health and interests in novelties in the field of medicine and for experts of a medical structure and other visitors. The user of a web-resource who is the consumer of the services given by medical institutions with the help of the offered web-site can receive if necessary the information about what medical institutions accessible to this user renders service required to him (service of diagnostic, therapeutic or advisory type), what conditions of rendering of this service, what type of the equipment is used there. Due to complete volume of the necessary information, the consumer chooses service optimally suitable for him on quality and availability. Medical institutions receive an opportunity to illuminate all spectrums of the services rendered by these establishments for a wide range of consumers of these services.

Besides as on the same site firms-manufacturers of the medical equipment place advertising of their production, medical institutions get access to the information on the newest medical technologies, that allows to improve quality of medical services.

Conclusion The offered medical information resource provides two-way contact between consumers of medical services and the establishments giving these services, and also manufacturers of the equipment and medical preparations.

Complete resource of this kind is interest for various groups of users, first of all for those who wish to choose necessary and optimally accessible medical service among great number of the services given by different medical institutions. Besides this, resource enables medical institutions to give the information about them. Firmsmanufacturers of the medical equipment and of the pharmacological preparations also receive an opportunity to acquaint the broad audience of consumers and experts with produced production that enables medical institutions to have the information on the newest medical technologies.

Authors Information A. I. Bykh Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, Head of Biomedical Electronics sub-faculty of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics E. V. Visotska PhD, associate professor of Biomedical Electronics sub-faculty of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics T. V. Zhemchuzhkina PhD, senior lecturer of Biomedical Electronics sub-faculty of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics A. P. Porvan engineer of Biomedical Electronics sub-faculty of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics A. V. Zhuk student of Biomedical Electronics sub-faculty of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine, 61166, Lenin Avenue, 14, Biomedical Electronics subfaculty, e-mail: diagnost@kture.kharkov.ua Fourth International Conference I.TECH 2006 OPEN SOURCE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES APPROACH FOR MODDELING OF ANKLE-FOOT ORTHOSIS Slavyana Milusheva, Stefan Karastanev, Yuli Toshev Abstract: Computer modeling is a perspective method for optimal design of prosthesis and orthoses. The study is oriented to develop modular ankle foot orthosis (MAFO) to assist the very frequently observed gait abnormalities relating the human ankle-foot complex using CAD modeling. The main goal is to assist the anklefoot flexors and extensors during the gait cycle (stance and swing) using torsion spring.

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