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Representations of Contemporaries on the Mechanism of Elections in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR after World War II A.A. Busheva, A.A. Slezin Department History and Philosophy, TSTU;

dick_an@mail.ru Key words and phrases: Supreme Soviet of the USSR; memories; elections;

newspaper voters, the deputies, the election process.

Abstract: Based on the analysis of publications of the regional newspaper of Tambov region, Kirsanov commune in 1950 the authors have made an attempt to identify the representation ordinary Soviet citizens from the Russian province on the mechanism of elections to the Supreme Soviet of the third convocation.

Reprsentations des contemporains sur le mcanisme de llection dans le Coseil Suprme de lURSS aprs la Grande Guerre Nationale Rsum: A la base de lanalyse des publications du journal rgional du dpartement de Tambov La commune de Kirsanov partir de 1950 est faite une tentative de rvler les reprsentations des citoyens ordinaires sovitiques de la province russe sur le mcanisme de llection dans le Coseil Suprme de lURSS de la troisime convocation.

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1130 ISSN 0136-5835. . 2011. 17. 4. Transactions TSTU

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