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Bryansk I.G. Petrovsky State University The hypothesis is exposed to doubt that during all of Acheulian age the inhabitants of East Europe practically did not abandon of the Caucasus, doing only infrequent attempts exit on plain. It strikingly differs from a migratory behavior of the West and Central European population of that age. The characteristic of sites on of the Middle Russian elevation, dating by the author to Pre-Mousterian age of early Paleolithic Zorino, Pogrebki, Shubnoye, Kaluga is given.

Are briefly mentioned Negotino, Krasnostanskoye, Solomasovo and the amorphous complex of Chotylevo 1. The Middle Russian elevation could be the basic way of penetration of the most ancient people in boreal breadthes with Donetsk chain of hills and Azov seaside. Because of landscape conditions of Dnepr glacial and beginning Mikulino warm time, when as a result of thawing glaciers the significant part of lowlands in Volga and Dnepr regions has appeared swamping. Issue the challenge to set out in search of stratified Acheulian sites in this terrain.


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