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play,Ф says Nancy Ahlrichs, vice president of client services at the Indianapolis office of Right Associates, an international outplacement firm. The Perfectionist УIf you want to reach them at night or on a Saturday, just call the of- When Nancy Ahlrichs was fresh out of college, she landed her fice.Ф Worse, such a boss invades your every waking hour, making it all first full-time job, supervising the advertising design and layout of a but impossible to separate your own home life from the office. small-town newspaper. On deadline day, the paper's irritable general Ahlrichs advises setting limits on your availability. Make sure the manager would suddenly appear over her shoulder, inspecting her work boss knows you can be reached in a crisis, but as a matter of practice go for errors. Then he'd ask a barrage of questions, ending with the one home at a set time. If he responds angrily, reassure him that you will Ahlrichs dreaded most: УAre you sure you'll make deadlineФ tackle any project first thing in the morning. Get him to set the priori- УI never missed a single deadline,Ф Ahlrichs says, Уyet every ties, so you can decide which tasks can wait. week he'd ask that same question. I felt belittled by his lack of confiIf you have good rapport with the boss, says Mardy Grothe, con- dence in me.Ф sider discussing the problem openly. Your goal is to convince him that Ironically, the general manager was lowering the staff's producjust as he needs to meet deadlines, you have personal responsibilities tivity. To paraphrase Voltaire, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

that are equally important. According to psychiatrist Allan Mallinger, co-author with Jeannette DeWyze of Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control, Уthe perfectionist's overconcern for thoroughness slows down everyone's work. When everything has to be done perfectly, tasks loom lar 55 ger.Ф The nit-picking boss who is behind schedule becomes even more writing,Ф says Colby. УOthers prefer face-to-face meetings. Find out difficult, making subordinates ever more miserable. what makes your boss tick Ц and speak in his or her language.Ф УRemember,Ф says Leonard Felder, Уthe perfectionist needs to Understanding your boss can make your job more bearable in a find something to worry about.Ф To improve your lot with a perfection- number of ways. For instance, try offering the boss two solutions to a ist boss, get her to focus on the big picture. If she demands that you problem Ц one that will make him happy, and one that will help you to redo a task you've just completed, mention your other assignments, and reach your goals. Even the most difficult boss will usually allow you to ask her to prioritize. Often, a boss will let the work you've completed solve problems in your own way Ц as long as he's convinced of your stand Ц especially when she realizes another project may be put on hold. loyalty to him.

If your boss is nervous about a particular project, offer regular reports. No matter which type of bad boss you have, think twice before By keeping the perfectionist posted, you might circumvent constant going over his head. Try forming a committee with your colleagues and supervision. approaching the boss all together. The difficult boss is usually unaware Finally, protect yourself emotionally. УYou can't depend on the of the problem and often is eager to make amends.

perfectionist for encouragement,Ф says Mallinger. УYou owe it to your- Before embarking on any course of action, engage in some selfself to get a second opinion of your work by asking others.Ф analysis. Chances are, no matter how difficult your boss is, you are also contributing to the conflict. УTalk to people who know you both, and The Aloof Boss get some honest feedback,Ф suggests Mardy Grothe. УIf you can fix the When Gene Bergoffen, now CEO of the National Private Truck ways in which you're contributing to the problem, you'll be more likely Council, worked for another trade association and asked to be included to get your boss to change.Ф in the decision-making process, his boss was brusque and inattentive.

Even if you can't, there's a silver lining: the worst bosses often The boss, made decisions alone, and very quickly. УWe used to call him have the most to teach you. Bullies, for example, are frequently masters 'Ready, Fire, Aim,Ф says Bergoffen. Many workers feel frozen out by at reaching difficult goals. Perfectionists can often prod you into extheir boss in subtle ways. Perhaps he doesn't invite them to key meetceeding your own expectations.

ings or he might never be available to discuss projects. УAt the core of every good boss is the ability to communicate expectations clearly,Ф VOCABULARY says Gerard Roche, chairman of Heidrick & Struggles, an executive sitcoms = situation comedies Ц комедии ситуаций search firm. УEmployees should never have to wonder what's on a challenging situation Ц сложна€ неординарна€ ситуаци€ boss's mind.Ф high-strung Ц нервный If your boss fails to give you direction, Roche says, the worst a standing desk Ц посто€нно сто€вший стол thing you can do is nothing. Determine the best course of action, then look up smth Ц искать что-либо say to your boss: УUnless I hear otherwise, here's what I'm going to do.Ф dress down smb at the top of one's lungs Ц громко распекать, Other strategies: When your boss does not invite you to meetings давать нагон€й or include you in decision making, speak up. УTell her you have inforevidence of treason Ц доказательство измены mation that might prove to be valuable,Ф suggests Lee Colby. If that excell (at work) Ц отличатьс€ (на работе) / преуспевать approach doesn't work, find an intermediary who respects your work roll with the punches Ц справл€тьс€ с неожиданност€ми and can persuade the boss to listen to your views.

modus operandi Ц определенный стиль работы To understand your boss's inability to communicate, it's vital to deal with Ц разобратьс€ с, рассмотреть (напр., свои отношеexamine his work style. УSome like hard data, logically arranged in ни€ с) 57 deal with effectively Ц зд. ладить make it all but impossible Ц сделать просто невозможным bully Ц УтиранФ make / be sure smb knows Ц непременно, об€зательно поставьcower under the boss's browbeating Ц трепетать перед началь- те кого-либо в известность ственным гневом do smth as a matter of practice Ц ввести что-либо в практику try hardest to avoid one's ire Ц изо всех сил пытатьс€ избежать tackle smth first thing Ц сразу же / в первую очередь зан€тьс€ чьего-либо гнева чем-то confront Ц давать отпор have good rapport = have good understanding back down Ц отступать meet deadlines Ц уложитьс€ в сроки armed with new-found confidence Ц вооружившись новым от- jellyfish Ц зд. бесхарактерный крытием tiptoe around Ц ходить на цыпочках вокруг да около true to type Ц согласно своему типу establish... pecking order Ц установить... пор€док подчинени€ grudging Ц невольный, против своей воли risk a client's write-offs Ц подвергать риску аннулирование наeventually Ц в конце концов логов клиента move up the ranks Ц продвинутьс€ по служебной лестнице the firm's support staff Ц вспомогательный персонал фирмы was subjected to his boss's outbursts Ц был объектом вспышек step on smb's toes Ц задевать чьи-то чувства УначальственногоФ гнева build smb's confidence Ц укрепл€ть чью-то уверенность standing up to smb Ц противоборство с кем-либо supply hard facts Ц предоставл€ть неоспоримые факты reasoning with smb Ц объ€снение, вы€снение отношений с ease smb into taking a firmer position Ц подтолкнуть кого-либо кем-то к прин€тию более жесткой позиции want a litmust test Ц хотите доказательство / хотите прове- be fresh out of college Ц сразу же после окончани€ колледжа рить she landed her... job Ц она получила... работу overreact Ц про€вл€ть повышенный интерес, быть чрезмерно advertising design and layout Ц оформление и размещение реквнимательным ламы Уmake niceФ Ц быть хорошим, быть паинькой feel belittled Ц чувствовать (себ€) униженным subservient Ц раболепный loom larger Ц принимать угрожающие размеры loosen Ц зд. исправить nit-picking Ц скрупулезный до мелочей behind closed doors Ц наедине improve one's lot Ц облегчать свою участь be overbearing Ц быть невыносимым, зд. злоупотребл€ть вла- a boss will let the work... stand Ц зд. начальник согласитс€ стью прин€ть... работу keep one's composure Ц не тер€ть самообладание put smth on hold Ц задерживать, приостанавливать что-либо intimidating Ц устрашающий keep smb posted Ц держать кого-либо в курсе vulnerable Ц у€звимый, ранимый get a second opinion of smth Ц заручитьс€ еще одним мнением comeback line Ц ответна€ реплика о чем-либо abusive Ц зд. злоупотребл€ющий своим положением / властью brusque Ц грубый worm one's way into one's heart Ц проберетс€ в душу, зд. усы- many workers feel frozen out Ц зд. инициатива многих сводитпит вашу бдительность с€ к нулю position one's face under one's foot Ц подминать под себ€ unless I hear otherwise Ц если не будет других указаний 59 what makes smb tick Ц чем кто-либо УдышитФ / живет c. Methods are available to deal with different kinds of difficult embark on smth Ц предпринимать что-либо bosses.

fix the ways in which you're contributing to the problem Ц разбе- d. Most bullies will back down when they meet someone who ритесь в том, не усугубл€ете ли вы проблему сами stands up to them.

a silver lining (compare 'Every cloud has a silver lining') Ц нет 4. Which sentence best expresses the main idea of paragraph 21 худа без добра a. A secretary endangered a client's tax write-offs.

prod smb into smth Ц побуждать кого-либо к чему-либо b. No one supervised the company's support staff.

rise to challenge Ц одолеть трудности, оказатьс€ на высоте c. The jellyfish boss created problems by refusing to take charge.

set priorities Ц устанавливать приоритеты d. A secretary who ignores assignments should be scolded.

stand smb in good stead Ц оказатьс€ полезными кому-либо, со- 5. Which sentence best expresses the main idea of paragraph 38 служить службу a. Dealing with a boss with high standards made Harry Levinson higher-ups Ц те, кто стоит выше по служебной лестнице a better psychologist.

who stick it out Ц сто€ть до конца b. Harry Levinson was nearly overwhelmed by his boss's high standards.

READING COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS c. When he was a young psychologist, Harry Levinson almost quit.

d. Karl Menninger diagnosed patients very well and set high stan1. The words Уcompensate forФ in УIf the boss attempts to com- dards for his staff.

pensate for his outburst by overreacting and trying to 'make nice' the 6. According to the article, most bosses have been promoted to next day, says Grothe, he or she feels guilty about yesterday's bad management because:

behaviorФ (paragraph 10) mean: a) they are better educated than their co-workers;

a) make up for, b) they have close personal relationships with their supervisors;

b) deny, c) they are good at motivating other workers;

c) point to, d) they excelled at jobs they held earlier.

d) emphasize. 7. The new account manager at an advertising firm dealt with 2. The word УcircumventФ in УIf your boss is nervous about a his bullying boss by:

particular project, offer regular reports. By keeping the perfectionist a) making the boss see he was really trying to do a good job;

posted, you might circumvent constant supervisionФ (paragraph 27) b) taking the boss to lunch and talking honestly about the situameans tion;

a) cause, c) shouting back at the boss when the boss raised his voice;

b) avoid, d) going over the boss's head and complaining to the company c) welcome, president.

d) sell. 8. We can infer that workaholic bosses:

3. Which sentence best expresses the central idea of the selec- a) want their employees to be workaholics too;

tion b) are the worst of all the categories described in the essay;

a. Human interaction is extremely complicated. c) are quite rare;

b. Bosses are often poor at their jobs because they don't know d) always become angry when asked to discuss their problem how to motivate people. openly.

61 9. We can infer that Nancy Ahlrichs's perfectionist manager at 2. It also means using dangerous comparisons Ц and the need to the newspaper: translate certain fundamental concepts which resist translation and coma) thought that Nancy was trying to steal his job; parisons.

3. For example, the concept of vocational or professional identity b) was only teasing Nancy with his questions;

differs markedly between the United States and Japan.

c) was not able to relax and trust employees who had proven 4. In the West, the emphasis is on what a man, or woman does for themselves;

a living. Here in the U.S., if you ask children what their fathers do, they d) wanted Nancy to quit her job.

will say УMy daddy drives a truckФ or УMy daddy is a stock brokerФ or 10. The author suggests that most employees with bad bosses:

УMy daddy is an engineerФ.

a) should quit their jobs;

5. But in Japan, the child will tell you УMy daddy works for Mitb) are better off learning to cope with the bad boss than quitting;

subishiФ or УMy daddy works for Nomura SecuritiesФ or for УHitachiФ.

c) deserve the bad treatment they receive;

But you will have no idea whether the father is president of Hitachi or a d) would prefer to work for a perfectionist boss than a jellyfish boss.

chauffeur at Hitachi.

6. In Japan, the most important thing is what organization you TEXT work for. This becomes very significant when you try to analyze the John Condon direction-taking or decision- making process. At the least, it explains the greater job stability in Japan, in contrast to the great job mobility in A New York bookdealer said he had never seen anything like the America.

surge of interest American readers have recently shown for books on 7. While we differ in many ways, such differences are neither suJapanese managementЕ Many have argued that Americans have much perior nor inferior to each other. A particular pattern of management to learn form the Japanese, while others have raised acubts about transbehavior develops from a complexity of unique cultural factors Ц and ferring methods from one culture to another. In this writerТs opinion, the will only work within a given culture.

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