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What qualifications are needed to manage this business To demonstrate that the management and leadership are capa What is the experience, education and background of the prin- ble, fairly compensated and given every incentive to be successful.

cipals To demonstrate proper balance and adequate expertise in all ar What are the time frames for accomplishing the goals What eas of marketing, management, technical finance, manufacturing, etc.

support personnel will be needed as the company grows To show the ownership distribution, who the owners are, and How could you show that people involved are qualified and how much they own.

committed Management Funding Request and Times of Investment Who are your key managers How much money is needed to make this venture successful What is the personal history of each key manager / principal How much money is needed for product improvement (age, education, experience, skills, etc.) How much money is needed for marketing What does each key manager bring to this venture (distinctive How much money is needed for operations What kind of ficompetence) (years of direct experience in industry, track record, nancing are you looking for (debt, equity) length of time with this project, business management background) What are you offering in return (ownership how much;

What is the position and role of each principal (title, responsishare of profits) bilities, duties) What is the payback period What is the compensation package of each principal (salary, What is the potential return on investment profit sharing, bonuses and other fringe benefits, terms of employment) What are the earning projections for the next three to five years What is the ownership interest of each principal Will any tax benefits result from investment Has the loss of a key member of your team been considered from How much money has been invested to date a knowledge, information and learning curve perspective From a manGoals and Time Frames:

agement succession point of view What still needs to be done and when How will you minimize the negative impact of losing or having What phases and time frames are expected to fire key managers How do you intend to attract and compensate What is your interest (financial and otherwise) and long-term obadditional key people as the company grows Are English-language jective resumes and references available What are the decisive strengths of the business (what will make it successful) (management, skilled / experienced personnel, unique Board of Directors product / service, constant source of supply, low production / overhead, Who is on the board of directors How were they chosen Why high margin, good service, emphasis on quality) What are the limitaare they valuable to the business What is their field of expertise What tions on the business (capital, management resources, personnel) are their other corporate affiliations How are they compensated How What are the venture's long-range growth and expansion objecoften do they meet How much control and influence do they wield tives Ownership Who owns what and how much 93 What is the primary objective of the current owners and manag- Do you have a third-party evaluation available What are the reers (sell out in x number of years, buy out investors, license idea for lated services you will provide royalties, franchise idea, etc.) How will they enhance and increase the profitability of the venWhat is the amount of stock currently authorized and issued ture Who are your current stockholders Description of the Facilities How many shares does each own How will the product be produced What are the warrants, rights, options Is it capital-intensive Is it labor-intensive Is it materialProfessional Support Resources intensive What are any special manufacturing or technological considWho is on your outside professional consultant team (legal, fi- erations nancial, marketing, public relations, technical/systems, accounting, etc.) What are the maintenance / updating requirements What equipWho are the industry experts who give support to your manage- ment do you need ment team What is its reliability factor How has each one assisted or will assist in the development and What is its downtime What inventory do you need ongoing management of your company Do you depend on special suppliers to successfully operate your business What is the current production capacity in units of output Product and Related Services Can your current facility handle future growth demands Will all Objective: to describe the product and related services, special or some of the production be subcontracted Will the current production features, benefits, and future development plans in non-technical lanphilosophy change in future years How Is this an end-use item or a guage.

component of another product Description of the Product / Service:

Does your company's survival depend on someone else Why is What is the purpose of the product/service the location advantageous How does it work Was the product designed to solve a problem or address an op- Proprietary Features portunity Can your product be protected by patent, copyright, trademark or Is it a luxury item or a necessary item Who is it for How does service mark the product achieve this purpose What protection will be provided What are its unique features (cost, design, quality, capabilities, How do you plan to protect the integrity, confidentiality and benefits, etc.) What is the life cycle of your product or service competitive nature of your product and services What are the regulaWhat is its technological life tory or approval requirements from government agencies or other indusHow does it compare with the state of the art try participants What is its susceptibility to obsolescence Is there a lot of red tape to overcome How will you do it To change in style or fashion Future Development Plans What stage of development is the product in (idea, model, workWhat new products do you plan to develop to meet changing ing prototype, small production runs, full manufacturing / production) market needs If more than one product is involved, how will the manufacture How will you stay ahead of market needs (improvements, extenand promotion of one affect the other How does this product compare sion of current product / service line, plans for other product / services) to similar products of competitors 95 What are the time frames for your plans How will these plans increase Analyst Summaries profits or generate new profits What quotes and statements from reputable sources can you provide How do they summarize significant market opportunities Product liability Market Share, Trends and Growth Potential What are the liabilities this product may pose What share of the market do you hope to capture What are the insurance requirements How do you plan to limit What is the growth (historical and potential) of your market the company's liability What kind of engineering studies, testing, and What are the market trends (industry-wide, regional, local) evaluating has the product undergone Is the market seasonal What factors will affect it (economic, government regulation, Market Analysis etc.) What are your market share objectives for the total available marObjective:

ket What are your rationale and costs of achieving different levels of To demonstrate that you understand the market, that you can penetration How will you maintain and increase your market share penetrate it, and that you are in control of the critical success factors How will you satisfy current customer needs that will enable the company to reach its sales goals.

How will you attract new customers To prove there is a real demand for your product / service.

How will you offer something new, better, or unique Target Market and Characteristics:

How will the segments and applications of your market change Who or what is your target market (individuals, companies over the next 35 years Are your products / services bought by others small, medium, large, government agencies, etc.) to service their customers What is the size of your target market How does their industry look Can this market be segmented (by geography, by industries, What kind of business are they doing etc.) How Sales, Distribution and Profits by Product / Service:

What is the profile of your targeted customers (age, sex, profesAre your sales expectations in line with the manufacturing ability sion, income, geographic location, etc.) to produce it What are the major applications of your product or service Are your pricing, service, and warranty policies attractive and For each major application, what are the requirements by cuscompetitive in the marketplace tomers What does each product / service cost you to sell What are the requirements of regulatory agencies What does each product / service cost you to produce What have What are the current ways of filling these requirements your profits been by product / service What are the buying habits of the customers What will be the What will they be impact on the customers who use your product or service What are your current sales goals by product / service What are How much will they save your current goals by number of units What is your sales volume in What is their return on investment (benefit to them) Will they dollars / rubles have to change their ways of doing things How will you distribute your product (direct, dealer network, Will they have to purchase other goods and services to utilize wholesale, retail, manufacturer's representatives) yours Will it be distributed under your name or someone else's Will they change their work habits If transportation is involved, what are the implications of exportHow will you satisfy their need and wants better ing Importing Taxes Tariffs Duties Barriers Foreign exchange 97 and other concerns Have you received reactions from prospective cus- Responsibilities tomers Michael X. Swann, President and General Manager.

What was their reaction Manage market planning, advertising, public relations, sales Have they tested a realistic prototype promotion, merchandising and facilitating staff services. Identifying Service and Warranty Policies: new markets, maintaining corporate scope and market research. ReWhat is the normal practice in your industry Are they needed searching and identifying foreign markets.

Will they help you sell your product Mary V. Jonstone, Vice President Finance.

Management of working capital including: receivables, invenManagement tory, cash, and marketable securities. Financial forecasting including:

capital budget, cash budget, pro forma financial statements, external Home Improvements, Inc., was founded in 1991 by Michael X.

financing requirements, and financial condition requirements.

Swann, who, after a careful study of the exterior siding industry, found Roger Armstrong, Director of Marketing.

a tremendous void of service and quality products.

Manage field sales organization, territories, and quotas. Manage This became the principal reason that Mr. Swann wanted to start sales office activities, including customer/product support/service.

his own distribution company in the industry. The opportunity to create John Herbert, Manager of Production.

an entity that offered superior service and products was reflected in his Service, manufacturing, raw materials management, and installaenthusiasm to begin Home Improvements, Inc.


The legal form of Home Improvements, Inc., is an Arizona Corporation. Outside Support Of the people who make up the development staff, there are sev- An outside Board of Directors, including highly qualified busieral executives, who hold the following positions: ness and industry experts, will assist our management team to make Michael X. Swann, President Mary V. Jonstone, Vice President appropriate decisions and take the most effective action; however, they Finance Roger Armstrong, Director of Marketing John Herbert, Man- will not be responsible for management decisions.

ager of Production Management Team The founders and key managers of HII have combined experiMichael X. Swann, President.

ences exceeding 25 years in the siding and distribution industry.

Mr. Swarm's professional experience includes many different arThe strength of the HII management team stems from the comeas in the sales and distribution arena. He has been involved in sales, bined expertise in both management and sales areas. This has produced marketing, and distribution of several services and products for large outstanding results over the past year.

corporations such as: Big Shoe Stores, Fresh Pine Inc., and Home SidThe leadership and alignment characteristics of HII's manageing 4 You. His experience covers many diverse areas, and he has rement team have resulted in broad and flexible goal setting to meet the ceived several awards as the top sales representative for his efforts.

ever-changing demands of the quickly moving marketplace requiring After learning the basic techniques of the siding industry, Mr.

our products. This is evident when the team responds to situations reSwann worked with the development of sales and distribution for Home quiring new and innovative capabilities.

Siding 4 You (HSY).

While working for HSY, Mr. Swann was involved with the implementation of a sales and marketing program that increased the company's revenue by 45 percent.

99 There he enjoyed considerable success as National Sales Man- Mr. Herbert is responsible for several areas related to each proager and Director of Sales and Marketing. However, he became inter- ject. He oversees everything from the bidding process to the completion ested in developing a more efficient way to operate a company within of the job, which also includes the timely satisfaction of the customer.

the same industry.

People / Talent We Require With ideas in mind, Mr. Swann conducted a feasibility study to The HII development team recognizes that additional staff is redetermine the viability of a product capable of competing in the siding quired to properly support marketing, sales, research, and support funcindustry. When he found that such a market was worthwhile and could tions.

be developed, Mr. Swann formed Home Improvements, Inc., in 1990.

Currently, HII is composed of eight personnel. Over the next five Mary V. Jonstone, Vice President Finance.

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