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Nevertheless, given that in caviar that accounted for 20% of the customs value, the Soviet era as much as one-fourth of Russias but no less than Euro 22 /kg. The rate was calcuGDP was involved in the inter-republican turnover, lated specifically for black caviar, as there had not the current index is just 10%. been any import supplies of red caviar to Russia. In It is Belarus with which Russia has reached the the meantime the customs duty rate for red caviar highest rate of integration on intergovernmental has been set at the level of 20%, but no less than level. In autumn 2000 the goods turnover between Euro 11/kg.

the two countries stood at USD 700 mln., with Rus- In 2002, the government is going to cancel all the sian continuing to maintain a positive ( circa USD privileges for shuttle traders and make them 100 mln.) value of its trade balance with Belarus. equal to organized importers. The government Russias exports to Belarus comprise mostly min- has already developed a draft Resolution, in comeral commodities: crude oil, natural gas, ferrous pliance, with which all the goods weighting no metals, - as well as machinery and means of trans- more than 50 kg. and worth a total of under USD portation. The latter two enlarged items roughly ac- 1,000 may be imported free of duties only in the count for 40% of the overall volume of export sup- presence of their owner, an power of attorney of plies each, while one-fifth of those is formed by other similar documents will not have any legal efchemicals, food stuffs and agricultural raw materi- fect in such cases. The government proposes to als, non-precious metals (except ferrous ones) and consider a cargo weighting between 50 to 200 kg.

the related articles. as a commercial stock of goods subject to collecBelarus mostly import to RF machinery and tion of regular customs duties.

means of transportation, textiles, footwear, food The adoption of this procedure is necessitated by in the national market and generate budget revegrowing volume of quasi- legal imports of products nues.

of the light industry. According to the RF Ministry In addition, the government is confident that of Economic Development and Trade, gray practically there are shuttles operating any more, schemes allow the importation of up to 90% of im- while their benefits have long been usurped by port supplies of textiles, footwear, furs, toys, and cargo-companies, thus absolutely illegally diminabout 70% of perfumery goods. The innovation ishing their customs payments.

N. Volovik, N. Leonova should help Russian producers to fill in their niche

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