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In the part of the address devoted to the budget expenses, it is mentioned, that starting with 1 February 2008 the level of military personnels money allowance was raised by 9%. Of all military personnel, it should be noted. For contract soldiers and junior leaders such an increase will not suffice, their money allowance, it was more than once emphasized, was and still is below the average wages in the country. As an employer, military organization is not competitive at labor market. At the same time payments in addition to money allowance for the employees of the central apparatus of the Ministry for Defense exceeded not only such payments, but also the level of money allowance of other military personnel49. Thus, mentioning of Tsymbal V. Next stage of RF military organization recruitment system reform: general military economic estimation // Economic and politic situation in Russia 2008. March. P. 5359: http://www.iet.ru/files/text/trends/03-08.pdf.

Tsymbal V. Military-economic estimation of RF active forces military efficiency // Economic and politic situation in Russia. 2008. June. P. 4549: http://www.iet.ru/files/text/trends/06-08.pdf.

Mukhin V. Plenipotentiary under arms // Independent newspaper- Regions 14.07.2008 <. . // -. 14.07.2008.> Trofimova E. Military personnel money allowance as the main factor for transition to the professional army recruited on the voluntarily basis // Economic and politic situation in Russia. 2008. April. P.39-44 < . such an increase in money allowance level causes only irritation and not satisfaction in a considerable part of RF military personnel. And recently appearing (not in the address) promises to change radically the whole system of military personnel money allowance do not appease military personnel, since this will take place not right now but in the period from 2010 to 2020. The situation in the meantime requires immediate actions.

The same is the effect of aims and objectives of budget policy, declared in the address. For instance, families of young father losing draft deferment are hardly encouraged by words of how important it is to overcome negative demographic trends. Fathers nonparticipation in babys upbringing is an undoubtedly negative factor, not being compensated by ridiculously little indemnity.

The care about securing balanced pension system does not correlate well with the fact the Ministry for the Defense, as an employer, does not transfer the funds on his personal account in the pension fund. Consequently, when a serviceman returns to the civil activity after one or two contracts of conscious military service, he will be infringed as to the size of future civil pension. If such a treatment of the serviceman is the result of well-thought through staff policy aimed at all contract military men being on service till military pension, then where are the proofs that such a policy leading to the increase in the number of military pensioners and requirements for their provision with accommodation is economically effective There are many good phrases of budget expenses efficiency monitoring, further development of resultoriented budget allocation practice, improvement of government and municipal control structure and mechanisms in the wording of eleven main objectives for the budget policy of the Russian Federation, there is however no single word on civil (public) control over military authorities actions. Why are not the lessons of earlier absence of control taken into account The name of the new FTP, mentioned in the address, is also worrying Improvement of army recruiting with sergeants and soldiers of military personnel, transferred for military service on contract basis and making transition to recruiting sergeants (master-sergeants) posts of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other troops, military units as well as seagoing personnel of the Navy of military personnel doing service on contract basis in 2009-2015. And here are th reasons.

Up to recently, the end of transition on the contract basis all the sergeants, master-sergeants as well as seagoing personnel of the Navy by 2011 was declared. Why is the deadline prolonged for so much Does this mean that forced recruitment of soldiers and sailors in active forces is to remain in Russia forever The decree of the first President of the Russian Federation on transfer of all active forces on voluntary service by contracts as soon as necessary prerequisites are fulfilled it still in effect. Earlier, while discussing prerequisites, conscription advocates referred to the lack of funds. Now, when not only has the volume of the budget increased, but also its profits exceeded all the forecasts, approximating 1.14 trillions over four months of the current year, such a reference is meaningless. Then what prerequisites for conscription cancellation are mentioned now There is no answer in the address. And it has been known for a long time that imperfections of army recruiting system make paradise for corruption in this field. And it is the corruption, as declared, that both our new president and government headed by the former president are going to fight.

It is no secret that any address is the result of collective work of its authors. Hopefully, there are no people acting for the benefit of the bribe-takers among the authors of the Budget Address 2008. But there certainly be some among those who will be guided by the address in their government or any other activity. Consequently, there will be more than enough difficulties while making the Russian army one of the five best modern armies the aim that also has been declared.

Thus it seems urgent for some wordings of the address, which, hopefully, unintentionally favor corruption, to be found and taken into account immediately, and their negative effect to be eliminated during specific discussion on both the new FTP on army recruitment system reform continuation and on the military expenses project in the RF federal budget. There is no time to be lost. The bases of RF military policy were discussed at the meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation on 30 June. On 26 August the project of the federal budget for 2009-2011 will be submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Its approval by the United Russia is certain. The approval of the new FTP is soon to follow.

// - . 2008. . . 39-44. http://www.iet.ru/files/ text/trends/04-08.pdf.

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