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entrepreneurship and technological business expertise and mobilizing hu- - Security and countering terrorism;

man capital in Russia.

- The nanosystem industry;

Purpose: assistance to implementation of the public policy in the sphere of - ICT systems;

development of Russian innovation industry and the innovation markets - Life sciences;

infrastructure, shaping up a system of Russias own venture investment - Promising kinds of arms, military and industry, creation of infrastructure for the innovation-venture ecosystem and special equipment encouragement of its expansion, giving a fillip to demand for innovation - Rational natural management;

companies, and generation of profits from business operations.

- Transportation and space systems;

Strategic objectives for the period through2020.: ensuring an unfolding of - Energy efficiency, energy saving, an independently developing venture industry and innovation-technical nuclear energy;



List of critical technologies of Russian - Integration into global technological chains and support of export of Federation (27 titles therein).

innovation products;

The RVCs biofund: biotechnological, - Attraction of international investment resources in a cash-andpharmaceutical and medical industries expertise form to fund Russian innovation industry;

- Improvement of innovation Russian companies investment attractiveness; assistance to increase in the number and enhancement of the quality of technological investors at all stages of the venture investing process;

- Communication for the Russian market for innovation, technical and consulting assistance to innovation market agents particularly by organizing workshops, conferences, symposia and roundtables;

- Bolstering the back-end infrastructure of innovation clusters, companies at early stages of venture financing and corporations rendering universal services to innovation firms;

- Bolstering professionalism of the innovation ecosystem agents, encouragement of demand for innovation corporations products; promotion of innovation-entrepreneurial, scientific-technical and invention, venture investment activities, in particular, by assisting to creation and advancement of professional contests and awards.

Main tasks for the period through 2020: engagement of private venture capital in development of venture entrepreneurship and assistance in creation of the institutional and sectoral venture infrastructure The RVCs Tasks: Priority directions of development of seed fund - Boosting advancement of the national sector of seed investment under science, technologies and technics (see the venture financing industry; above);

The list of critical technologies of Russian - Boosting a venture partner network for seed investment funds for the Federation sake of a maximum engagement of professional managers, experts and business angels in the process of creation of new technological companies;

- Generation of conditions for shaping up an continuous flow of transactions into venture funds, including those established with participation of the JSC RVCs funds;

- A significant increase in the number and quality of small-sized technological businesses consequently claiming for receipt of venture investors and early-stage funds investment Skolkovo Shaping up a full cycle of innovation process, including education and Priority directions of modernization and Fund research, development efforts and commodization of their deliverables technological advancement of Russias economy (Presidents Priorities):

- Energy efficiency and energy saving;

- Nuclear technologies;

- Space technologies, telecommunications and navigation systems;

- Medical technologies;

- Strategic computer technologies and software Section Institutional Issues contd 1 2 Rosinfo- Purposes: ICT cominvest - Facilitation of access to financial resources for the most promising HiTech and rapidly expanding companies of small and medium-sized capitalization in the ICT sphere;

- Boosting attractiveness of ICT organizations in the eyes of potential investors through the Funds participation in their authorized capital and management;

- Attraction of domestic and foreign investment to secure production and technological cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises of the ICT sector, development of mutually complementary and supplier/consumer production;

- Assistance to bolstering Russian ICT companies investment activity with respect to attraction of foreign investment in Hi-Tech sectors of Russias economy.

- Exclusive operational profile: investing assets in objects referenced to in the investment declaration (certain kinds and categories of securities, cash on bank accounts and deposits) RFTD Purpose: assistance to implementation of the public policy in the sphere of Technological platforms, including, priscientific, research and technical and innovation activity. marily:

Object of activity: securing provision of financial support to Russian or- - medicine of the future;

ganizations implementing scientific, scientific-technical and innovation - bioindustry and bioresources;

projects, including those in the frame of international research and technical - bioenergy production;


- innovation laser, optical and optoelectronic technologies photonics;

- environmentally friendly highefficiency thermal power;

- cutting-edge renewable energy technologies;

- small-sized distributed energy production;

- metallurgy materials and technologies;

- technological platform for solid minerals;

- carbohydrates production and use;

- intense processing of carbohydrate resources;

- ocean development;

- green growth technologies.

Priority directions of research, technologies and technics (see above) ROSNANO Mission: assistance to implementation of the public policy aiming at having Nanotechnologies Russia joined the group of leading nations in the nanotechnology area.


- assistance to implementation of the public policy in the sphere of establishment and development of the nanoindustry and the respective innovation infrastructure;

- financing investment nanotechnology production projects;

- building technological chains securing the rise of new production units in the nanoindustry area in the territory of Russian Federation;

- Generation of profit in the course of implementation of the above purposes.

Main objective: Russia winning leading positions on global markets for nanotechnological products.

Main purposes: securing commodization of the nanoindustrys R&D and coordination of innovation activities in the sohere of nanoindustry.

Main vehicle: investment projects RUSSIAN ECONOMY IN trends and outlooks contd 1 2 Vhesheco- Mission: the national development bank, assisting to implementation of the Sectoral priorities:

nombank public socio-economic policy, bolstering the national economys competi- - aircraft engineering and aerospace tiveness and its innovation-based modernization.


Purpose: securing an increase in competitiveness of the Russian Federa- - ship-building;

tions economy, its diversification, encouragement of investment activity by - electronics industry;

exercising investment, foreign economic, insurance, consulting and other - nuclear sector, including nuclear provided for by law activities with regard to implementation of projects energy;

both in Russian Federation and overseas, including those with participation - transport, special and power machine of foreign capital, aiming at bolstering infrastructure, innovation, special building;

economic zones, environment protection, support of export of Russian - metallurgy (production of special products, works and services, and support of small-and medium-sized enkinds of steel);


- wood-working industry;

Strategic objective for the period through 2015: boosting the activity on - defense-industrial complex;

securing a sustained innovation socio-economic development of Russian - agroindustrial complex;

Federation on the basis of the national economys modernization and in- strategic computing technologies and creasing competitiveness. Implementation of this objective requires a consoftware;

siderable increase in the volume of financing of investment projects, expan- ICT;

sion of support of export of Hi-Tech products and implementation of - Medical technics and pharmaceutical support programs for SME, as well as introduction of best practices with sector.

regard to project development and management.

Priority directions of modernization and The Banks contribution to solving the governments task of the national technological advancement of Russias economy modernization requires an increase in its credit portfolio of the economy (the Presidential priorities, see share of loans associated with the funding of investment projects.

above) Strategic objective in the area of contribution to implementation of investment projects: boosting the volume of financing of investment projects across major avenues and sectoral priorities.

To implement this objective the Bank will need to tackle the following tasks:

- To ensure a greater efficiency of investment projects to implementation of which the Bank contributes, including improvement of internal documents with respect to project evaluation and selection;

- To improve the system of control over implementation of investment projects (including, inter alia, with respect to financial monitoring, monitoring of progress in projects implementation and their efficiency);

- To render assistance to organizations in preparation of project documentation in accordance with the Banks requirements;

- To create private equity funds and specialized sectoral investment funds to attract the domestic and foreign capital;

- To expand the range of instruments of the Banks contribution to implementation of investment projects by creating development corporations and funds Roseximbank Purpose: implementation of the public policy of supporting and encourag- The manufacturing sector ing the national export, creation of import-substituting production and assistance in attraction of investment into Russias economy.

In its capacity of an agent of the RF Government with regard to extension of the state financial support to Russian exports the Bank is responsible for the following tasks:

Pursuance of the state policy in the area of guarantee-based support of Russian exports oriented towards solidification of Russian exporters standing competition-wise on traditional markets of developing and the CIS countries;

Rendering assistance to Russian exporters with regard to marketing their industrial products;

Granting Russian exporters access to long-term loans, including pre-export lending at minimal market rates.

The Banks operation as the RF Governments agent with regard to state support of exports should help:

- Boost the number of national exporters and countries wherein their supply their products;

- Promote Russian companies competitiveness on the global market;

- Create import-substituting production units, including innovation ones;

- Attraction of investment in Russias economy;

- Generation job opportunities in the country Section Institutional Issues contd 1 2 SME Bank Strategic objective in the area of support of SME: expansion of the financial Primarily production sector support of development of SME agents for the sake of diversification of the economys structure, increase in employment, bolstering self-employment growth in GDP, boosting tax revenues, emergence of the middle class.

Tasks in the area of support of SME:

- Ensuring equal opportunities to small- and medium-sized businesses to medium- and long term financial resources throughout the territory of Russian Federation, including resource-scarce regions in the first place;

- Organization of financial support to production corporations in the first place, as well as those implementing innovation and Hi-Tech projects, thus promoting changes in the sectoral structure of the lending;

- Funding development of the support infrastructure for small-and medium-sized businesses (microlenders, business incubators, leasing companies, regional funds of support of MSE, technoparks, multifunctional business centers for MSEs, etc.) RFDI Mission, values: Fundamental sectors of modernization:

- Maximization of return on investment to secure a greater corporations - Advanced processing of mineral efficiency, generation of job opportunities and promotion of the economys resources;


- Technological development of critical - Assistance in modernization of Russian economy; deposits;

- Ensuring the foreign investment inflow; - Agriculture and food retail;

- Ensuring the inflow of the most advanced technologies and the best - House construction and construction cadres into Russia; materials;

- Ensuring transparency of the corporate governance procedures - Transport and logistics.

Priority directions of modernization and technological development of Russias economy (Presidential priorities, see above) EXIAR Objective: support of national exports and investment outside of Russia across the following directions: - Insuring of export loans from entrepreneurial (business) and political risks;

- Insuring Russian investments to overseas from political risks.


- Marketing Russian export of equipment and technologies;

- Monitoring and insurance support of national exporters on new and risky markets overseas;

- Design and introduction of a modern system of financial support of export under the Agencys insurance coverage;

- Increase in transparency of Russian export transactions and international investment Sources: statutory and other title documents, including development institutions internal documents, approved strategies and development programs, the development institutions official homepages.

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