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Resources include text, music, still and moving images, graphics, maps, sound recordings and video recordings, electronic data or programs, including those issued serially (See also whole resource) resource identifier 7720 any number of alphanumeric designation associated with and identifying a resource according to an international standard, such as an International Standard Book Number or an International Standard Serial Number, or a designation assigned by a publisher right ascension the angular distance measured eastward on the Equator from the vernal equinox to the hour circle through the celestial body, from 0 to 24 hours [USDMA] scale the ratio of distances on the resource to the actual distances they represent score notated music consisting of a series of staves showing all the parts of a musical work in vertical alignment, 7730 so that the parts may be read simultaneously; a work for one instrument or one voice cannot be rendered in score (see also chorus score, close score, condensed score, miniature score, vocal score) section one part of a group of related resources having a common title. The section is normally devoted to a specific subject category and is identified by the common title of the group and a section title and/or a section designation. There can be two or more hierarchical levels of sections (subsections) section designation numbering following the common title, that alone or in conjunction with a section title serves to distinguish one part of a group of related resources having a common title (See also subseries 7740 designation) section title the title specific to a section that serves to distinguish one part of a group of related resources having a common title. The section title is dependent on the common title for identification of a resource whether distinctive or not. A designation such as Series C or Second series is considered a section title or subseries title when there is more than one simultaneous section or the subseries is unnumbered. If the designation represents a change in numbering, it is considered part of the numbering of the serial or series (See also dependent title) serial a continuing resource issued in a succession of discrete issues or parts, usually bearing numbering, that 7750 has no predetermined conclusion. Examples of serials include journals, magazines, electronic journals, continuing directories, annual reports, newspapers, and monographic series series (1) a group of separate resources related to one another by the fact that each resource bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole, i.e., the title proper of the series.

The separate resources may or may not be numbered. (2) a numbered sequence of issues or parts within a serial series statement a statement identifying one or more series to which a resource belongs, including any numbering of the resource within the series. (See also subseries statement) E-Appendix E ISBD 7760 series title page an added title page bearing the series title proper and usually, though not necessarily, other information about the series (e.g. statement of responsibility, numeric designation, data relating to publication, title of the resource within the series) sheet as used in the physical description area, a single piece of paper other than a broadsheet with printed matter on one or both sides sheet a piece of paper or other material manufactured in a size to cover the type-forme of the printing press 7770 signature one or more letters and/or symbols and/or numerals usually printed at the foot of the first and some subsequent recto pages of each gathering of a resource and used to ensure the correct printing, folding and assembly of a resource slide a two-dimensional image on film or other transparent material, mounted in a frame and designed for use in a projector or viewer sound cartridge see cartridge sound cassette 7780 see cassette sound disc (1) a disc of plastic or other material on which sound vibrations are registered (2) an optical disc on which sound is digitally encoded on a metallic surface protected by plastic polycarbonate sound recording a recording of sound, unaccompanied by visual images sound reel see reel sources of information 7790 see preferred source of information; prescribed sources of information specific material designation (SMD) a term indicating the specific class of material (usually the class of physical object) to which a resource belongs split the division of a continuing resource into two or more new and separate continuing resources state a variation within a resource that distinguishes it from other copies within the same impression or issue in any respect that the publisher has not identified as representing a discrete publishing effort (See also edition, impression, issue) E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E 7800 statement of responsibility one or more names, phrases or groups of characters relating to the identification and/or function of any persons or corporate bodies responsible for or contributing to the creation or realisation of the intellectual or artistic content of a work. Statements of responsibility may occur in conjunction with titles (e.g. the title proper, parallel titles, titles of individual works contained in the resource, titles in series/subseries statements) or in conjunction with edition statements stereograph slides or pictures, mounted in pairs, designed to produce a three-dimensional optical effect when used with a stereoscopic viewer. Stereographic images may also be printed on an opaque surface for use with a hand viewer consisting of bicoloured lenses mounted in a card frame; this type of stereograph usually appears 7810 as a book illustration study print a picture accompanied by questions or explanations, which are often printed on the verso study score see miniature score subseries a series that appears as part of a main series. The subseries may or may not have a title dependent on that of the main series. The subseries may or may not be numbered (See also common title, dependent title) subseries designation numbering following the title of the main series, that can stand alone or in conjunction with the title of the 7820 subseries (See also section designation) subseries statement the main elements identifying a subseries, including any numbering of the separate resources within the subseries. For a subseries the title of which is dependent on the title of the main series, the subseries statement includes both the title of the main series and the subseries, and may include a subseries designation (See also series statement) supplement a resource, usually issued separately, that complements the main resource by bringing it up-to-date or otherwise continuing it or containing a special feature not included in it. A supplement may or may not have a title dependent on that of the main resource (See also common title, dependent title) 7830 tte-bche A form of binding in which one text begins at the front and another text at the back, with the texts being inverted with respect to one another, e.g. an English and a French text bound together (see also back-to-back) terms of availability the conditions under which a resource may be obtained, e.g. the price of a resource offered for sale or a statement that a resource is available for hire or for free title a word or phrase, or a group of characters, usually appearing on a resource, that is the name of the resource or the work (or any one of a group of individual works) contained in it. A resource will usually 7840 contain several titles (e.g. on the prescribed source of information, or elsewhere on the resource or on the container, or on accompanying material), and these titles may be identical or may differ from one another (See also common title, dependent title) E-Appendix E ISBD title page a page normally at the beginning of a resource presenting the fullest information about the resource and the work or works contained in it. It contains a title and, usually, although not necessarily, the fullest title information, a statement of responsibility and the whole or part of the publication statement. (See also colophon) title-page substitute the page, portion of a page or other component part of a resource, that includes the information usually 7850 found on a title page, and that, in the absence of a title page, takes its place (e.g. cover, caption, masthead, editorial pages, first page of music, colophon) (See also colophon) title proper the chief title of a resource, i.e. the title of a resource in the form in which it appears on the prescribed sources of information for the title and statement of responsibility area. The title proper includes any alternative title, but excludes parallel titles and other title information. In the case of a section or some supplements and some titles of subseries or parts, the title proper can consist of two or more components:

the common title (or the title of the main series or of the multipart monographic resource), the dependent title and the dependent title designation. For resources containing several individual works the title proper is the collective title. Resources containing several individual works and lacking a collective title are 7860 considered not to have a title proper. A series or subseries also has its own title proper (See also common title, dependent title, dependent title designation) title screen title information appearing on a monitor or screen, usually displayed in the first or opening frame or frames of a resource trademark name see label name transcribe to make a description copying the exact textual information for the area being described as found on the resource, except for punctuation or captitalization 7870 transparency a sheet of transparent material, which may be mounted in a card frame, bearing an image and designed for use with an overhead projector or light box; a single transparency may be furnished with overlays type-forme the combination of type-pages, arranged and locked in a frame, used to print on one side of a sheet type-page the arrangement of movable type in the shape used to print a page on a sheet updating looseleaf 7880 an integrating resource that consists of one or more base volumes updated by separate pages that are inserted, removed and/or substituted variant copy a copy showing any bibliographically significant difference from one or more other copies of the same edition. The term may refer to an impression, issue or state videocartridge see cartridge E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E videocassette see cassette videodisc 7890 a laser- or stylus-readable random-access circular disc that contains both audio and video signals recorded in an analog form (e.g. laserdisc format) or a digital form (e.g.

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