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map series designation coded numeric or alphanumeric identification applied to a map series by the publisher map sheet title the title proper of an individual map sheet of a map series, exclusive of the map series title E-Appendix E ISBD masthead 7500 a statement of title, ownership, editors, etc., of a newspaper or periodical; although its location is variable, for newspapers it is commonly found on the editorial page or at the top of the front page, and, for periodicals, on the contents page medium material in any format (films, filmstrips, slides, videorecordings, audiorecordings, CD-ROMS, DVDs, machine-readable data files, computer software, etc.) that carries and communicates information content (See also format ; multimedia resource; physical carrier) merger the coming together of two or more continuing resources to form a new continuing resource, with the merged continuing resources typically losing their former separate identities 7510 microfiche a rectangular sheet of film carrying a set of microphotographs in two-dimensional array. Microfiches usually include a title and other bibliographic data that can be read without magnification microfilm cartridge see cartridge microfilm cassette see cassette microfilm reel see reel microfilm slip 7520 a short length of microfilm not contained on a reel microform a resource with images too small to be read by the unaided human eye; intended to be magnified for use microopaque a rectangular opaque card carrying a set of microphotographs in two-dimensional array miniature score a score reduced in size and not intended primarily for performance; sometimes known as a pocket score or study score monographic resource a resource that is complete in one part, or intended to be completed within a finite number of parts 7530 motion picture a length of film, with or without a magnetic or optical sound track, bearing a sequence of images that create the illusion of movement when projected in rapid succession multilevel description a method of bibliographic description based on the division of descriptive information into two or more levels. The first level contains information common to the whole or main resource. The second and subsequent levels contain information relating to the individual part or other unit multimedia resource a resource comprising two or more distinct media or differing forms of the same medium, no one of which is identifiable as being of primary importance. Usually intended for use as a unit (See also Medium) E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E 7540 multipart monographic resource a monographic resource in a finite number of physically separate parts known to have been conceived or published as a unit; the separate parts may have their own titles and statements of responsibility. No single part is identifiable as being of primary importance multipart resource a resource composed of discrete parts conceived, created, realized or arranged as a unit. A multipart resource can be a multipart monographic resource or a serial music format the physical form in which a notated music resource is presented in the resource (e.g. score, parts); also known as musical presentation format 7550 music part see part neat line a line, usually grid or graticule, that encloses the detail of a map newspaper a serial issued at frequent intervals, usually daily, weekly or semiweekly, that reports events and discusses topics of general current interest notated music a music resource in readable form, reproduced by printing methods, by photocopying, by offset printing methods, digitalisation, etc. Notated music resources include music intended for performance, tutors, 7560 studies, exercises and facsimile editions of music manuscripts numbering the identification of each of the successive issues or parts of a resource. The description can include a numeral, a letter, any other character, or the combination of these, with or without an accompanying word (volume, number, etc.), and/or a chronological designation older monographic resource chiefly those resources produced prior to the introduction of machine printing in the nineteenth century and include those published for the market as well as those printed in few, or even single copies, for private or limited distribution other title information 7570 a word or phrase, or a group of characters, appearing in conjunction with, and subordinate to, the title proper of the resource. Other title information also occurs in conjunction with, and subordinate to, other titles (e.g. parallel titles, titles of individual works contained in the resource, titles in series/subseries statements). Other title information qualifies, explains or completes the title to which it applies, or is indicative of the character, contents, etc., of the resource or the works contained in it, or is indicative of the motive for, or the occasion of, the resources production. The term includes sub-titles and avant-titres, but does not include variant titles (e.g. spine titles, container titles, sleeve titles, other forms of the title proper) found on the resource but not on the prescribed sources of information output medium see medium 7580 pagination the sequential numbering of the pages of a printed text; for the purposes of the ISBD, the term includes the numbering of leaves, columns, etc.

E-Appendix E ISBD parallel title a title presented on the prescribed sources of information for the resource as an equivalent in another language or script of the title proper of the resource or of an individual work in a resource with no collective title part music printed for one of the performers in an ensemble; see also piano (violin, etc.) conductor part 7590 part designation numbering following the common title that alone or in conjunction with a part title serves to distinguish one part from another part Phonogram (P) date a date appearing with the sound recording copyright symbol ; it has variant meanings under different copyright conventions and laws but generally indicates the first date of the sound recording photograph an opaque print produced by the action of light on sensitive film physical carrier the physical medium on or in which data, sound, images, programs, etc., may be stored. For certain 7600 categories of material, the physical carrier consists of a storage medium (e.g. tape, film) sometimes encased in a plastic, metal, etc., housing (e.g. cassette, cartridge) that is an integral part of the resource (See also container; medium) piano (violin, etc.) conductor part performance part to which cues have been added to enable the performer to function also as conductor;

sometimes called piano (violin, etc.) conductor score place of publication the geographic location in which a resource is issued, usually given on the preferred source of information as the name of a city [ODLIS] plate 7610 a leaf containing illustrative matter, with or without explanatory text, that does not form part of either the preliminary or the main sequences of pages or leaves or does not form an integral part of a gathering of leaves of text. For older monographic resources, plates are always leaves that are printed with some technique other than letterpress. Plates may include leaves that contain no printing other than engraved text (See also illustration) plate number the number that was given to the original plates, which now appears at the foot of a page of notated music, identifying the plates from which an edition was printed. A plate number can consist of a combination of numbers, letters and symbols; the name of a publisher may be included poster 7620 a bill or placard intended for public display preferred source of information the order in which the source or sources are selected for the description from among the various possibilities for sources preliminaries the title page or pages (or the title-page substitute) together with the verso of the title page or pages (or the title-page substitute) and any pages preceding the title page or pages (or the title-page substitute) E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E prescribed punctuation punctuation supplied by the cataloguing agency according to the requirements of the ISBD to precede or enclose an element or area of the bibliographic description 7630 prescribed sources of information the source or sources from which information is taken for entry of each element or area of bibliographic description print an etching, engraving, lithograph, etc., in a limited artist's edition printed resource a resource in eye-readable form or in an embossed form for use by the visually impaired, including a resource published for limited distribution or for sale on demand printer a person or firm that prints a printed resource, as distinct from the publisher that issues the resource and 7640 the bookseller that offers it for sale; in early printed books, the printer and publisher were often the same [ODLIS] producer the person or corporate body with the financial and/or administrative responsibility for the physical processes whereby an electronic resource is brought into existence. Specific responsibilities may relate in varying degrees to the creative and technical aspects of a particular work, including collecting data and converting data into a computerized form producer the person designated as producer who has overall responsibility for bringing a motion picture into existence. Specific responsibilities may relate in varying degrees to the creative and 7650 technical aspects of a particular production producer the person who has technical responsibility for the fixing of the sound. A producer may also be responsible in varying degrees for the creative and other aspects of a sound recording production company a company exercising overall responsibility for the financial, technical and organizational management of the creation of a motion picture production company the company responsible for the fixing of the sound at a recording session or for the mass production of the sound recording (e.g. pressing of discs or replication of tape copies) 7660 projection a systematic drawing of lines on a plane surface to represent the parallels of latitude and the meridians of longitude of the Earth or a section of the Earth or other celestial sphere [USDMA, under map projection] publication see resource publisher a person or corporate body that prepares and issues a resource for public sale or distribution, normally on the basis of a legal contract in which the publisher is granted certain exclusive rights in exchange for assuming the financial risk of publication and agreeing to compensate the author, usually with a share of 7670 the profits; in older books, the publisher and printer are often the same, but since the mid-19th century, the two functions have been performed by separate entities [ODLIS] E-Appendix E ISBD publisher's number a list number that can be given by music publishers, usually appearing on the title pages of their notated music resources, intended to identify that resource and facilitate ordering and distribution.

The name of a publisher may be included quire see gathering record (verb) to make a description from information derived or obtained from a resource rather than copying the exact 7680 textual information recording company see Production company reel a flanged circular holder with a hole running from end to end onto which a roll of film or magnetic tape is wound, and used for recording microreproductions of text and/or images (microfilm reel), or for playing sound (sound reel), motion pictures (film reel) or video (videoreel). Usually designed to be inserted into a display or playback device reissue a named or otherwise identified batch of copies of a resource produced from the same master copy as an 7690 earlier issue, in the same physical form, and emanating from the same publishing or production agency (See also edition) remote access a method of accessing electronic resources stored on a server and accessed through a computer network remote sensing the measurement or acquisition of information of some property of an object or phenomenon by a recording device that is not in physical or intimate contact with the object or phenomenon under study;

sometimes restricted to the practice of data collection in the wavelengths from ultraviolet to radio regions [USDMA] representative fraction 7700 the scale of a map or chart expressed as a fraction or ratio [USDMA] reprint (1) a new edition reproducing the text of an earlier one as exactly as possible (2) a new impression made, or derived from, the same master as an earlier one resolution the smallest measuring unit used to register data for a computer image and is expressed as dots per inch, pixels per line, or lines per millimetre. It indicates the amount of detail found in one pixel of the image resolution the accuracy at which a given map scale can depict the location and shape of 7710 geographic features. The larger the map scale, the higher the possible resolution. As a map scale decreases, resolution diminishes and feature boundaries must be smoothed, simplified, or not shown at all, e.g. small areas may have to be represented as points. For example, an image with one-metre resolution means that each pixel in the image represents one square metre on the ground E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E resource an entity, tangible or intangible, that comprises intellectual and/or artistic content and is conceived, produced and/or issued as a unit, forming the basis of a single bibliographic description.

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