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Examples are section titles, some titles of individual sheets of a map series, some supplement titles and some titles of subseries and the titles of some parts of a multipart monographic resource (See also section title) dependent title designation numbering that alone or in conjunction with a dependent title serves to distinguish one of two or more 7270 related resources having a common title (See also Section designation, Subseries designation) dimensions the linear measurements (height, width, depth) of a resource and/or, for resources that require equipment for their use, dimensions relevant to the use of the resource diorama a three-dimensional representation of a scene, created by placing objects, figures, etc., in front of a twodimensional painted background direct access a method of obtaining an electronic resource by use of a physical carrier, such as a disc, cassette or cartridge, designed to be inserted into a peripheral attached to a computer E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E 7280 docket title a title written, typed, or printed on a document, or on a label affixed to the document, briefly indicating its contents or subject; usually found perpendicular to the main text, on an otherwise blank page (e.g. the verso of the last leaf), on a document designed to be folded for filing [DCRM(B)] document see resource documentation information issued by the publisher, creator, etc., with the resource, normally in the form of manuals or guides (sometimes electronic) describing how to initiate, operate, and maintain the resource (see also accompanying material) 7290 edition all copies of a resource produced from substantially the same original input and issued by the same agency or group of agencies or a person. For older monographic resources, all copies of a resource printed at any time from substantially the same type-pages (See also facsimile reproduction, impression, issue (printed monographic resource), state (older monographic resource), type-page, type-forme, variant copy, version) edition statement a word or phrase, or a group of characters, indicating that a resource belongs to an edition electronic resource a resource consisting of materials that are computer-controlled, including materials that require the use of a peripheral (e.g. a CD-ROM player) attached to a computer; the resources may or may not be used in an 7300 interactive mode. Included are two types of resources: data (information in the form of numbers, letters, graphics, images and sound, or a combination thereof) and programs (instructions or routines for performing certain tasks including the processing of data). In addition, they may be combined to include electronic data and programs (e.g. educational software with text, graphics and programs).

This definition of electronic resources is taken as applying for the most part to resources that are generally available, and includes those accessed via telecommunications. Resources produced and/or generated for limited distribution, for fee on demand, or on a made-to-order basis are, however, included. A resource residing in permanent memory in a computer (ROM) is understood to be part of the device in which it is stored, and, if catalogued, would be treated as a resource requiring remote access. Programmed toys, calculators, and other programmed objects are considered to be outside the intended scope of the ISBD 7310 element a word or phrase, or a group of characters, representing a distinct unit of bibliographic information and forming part of an area of the bibliographic description epoch an arbitrary moment in time to which measurements of position for a body or orientation for an orbit are referred. [USDMA] equinox one of two points of intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator, occupied by the sun when its declination is 0. [USDMA] extent 7320 the number of subunits making up the units of a resource, e.g the pages in a volume or the frames in a filmstrip; the duration or playing time of a resource facsimile reprint see facsimile reproduction E-Appendix E ISBD facsimile reproduction a new issue of a resource in which the main part is reproduced exactly from the original pages of an earlier edition. This is normally made by a different publisher from that of the original and often has its own title page and other introductory matter fascicle a division of a printed resource that, for convenience in printing or publication, is issued in small 7330 installments, usually incomplete in themselves; they do not necessarily coincide with any formal division of the work into parts, etc. Usually the fascicle is protected by temporary paper wrappers. It may or may not be numbered. A fascicle is distinguished from a part by being a temporary division of a work rather than a formal component unit. [AACR2] file name a name, usually consisting of a maximum number of alphanumeric characters that are used to identify either a data resource or a program to the computer.

Also known as data set name film cartridge see cartridge film cassette 7340 see cassette film reel see reel film loop a length of film with the ends spliced together for continuous play, usually in the form of a cartridge utilizing 8 mm film and having a maximum running time of 4 1/2 minutes [ODLIS] filmstrip a roll of film, usually 16 mm or 35 mm, containing a succession of images designed to be viewed frame by frame, with or without integral sound. If the shorter side of the frame runs parallel to the sprocket holes, the filmstrip is described as single frame; if the longer side of the frame runs parallel to the 7350 sprocket holes, it is described as double frame fingerprint a group of characters derived from an older monographic resource with the purpose of identifying the edition uniquely. The fingerprint consists of a number of characters drawn from a number of uniform places in the text of the resource, followed by a number indicating the source of one or more of the characters, and/or a letter indicating the direction of the chain-lines, and/or the date as it appears in the publication, production, distribution, etc., area flash card a card or other opaque material printed with words, numerals or pictures and designed for rapid display flip chart 7360 a set of subject-integrated data sheets, hinged together at the top or side and designed for presentation on an easel form/forme see type-forme format in general, refers to the particular physical presentation of a resource format the manner in which data are arranged in a medium of input, output or storage (See also medium, physical carrier) E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E format 7370 see music format format the designation of the number of type-pages in each type-forme. In a folio (2o, 2:o, etc.), there are two type-pages in each forme, in a quarto (4o, 4:o, etc.), there are four, in an octavo (8o, 8:o, etc.) eight, and so on former title an earlier title of a continuing resource that has continued under another title (in whole or in part), or has merged with another continuing resource under another title or titles, or has been absorbed by another continuing resource (in whole or in part) under another title frequency 7380 the intervals at which the issues or parts of a serial or the updates to an integrating resource are issued, such as daily, weekly, monthly, annually game a set of materials designed for use according to prescribed rules in play and/or instruction gathering a number of folds arranged within each other. For older monographic resources, normally, one sheet forms one gathering, but if the type-pages are imposed in half-sheets or in other fractions of a whole typeforme, the printed sheet may form more than one gathering. More than one sheet can also be arranged in one gathering. A folio (2o, 2:o, etc.) may be gathered, or quired, in fours (two sheets per gathering) or in sixes, etc.

7390 generic term (1) a general term indicating the kind, form or genre and/or periodicity of a resource; terms such as Abhandlungen, annales, annual report, bulletin, cahiers, compte rendu des sances, circular letter, journal, newsletter, occasional paper, proceedings, report, transactions, and their equivalents in other languages, are considered to be generic terms; (2) for music, a term indicating a musical form or genre geographic coordinates see coordinates graphic a two-dimensional image (or set of images) produced in its original form by such techniques as drawing, engraving, painting or photography. Graphics are normally accessible to the naked eye, though in one 7400 instance (stereographs) special viewing equipment is needed for their use half title the title of a book as printed, in full or in brief, on the recto of a leaf preceding the title page, usually in a smaller size of the font in which the title proper is printed on the title page [ODLIS] hologram a three-dimensional image made by a process based on the principle of light interference illustration a diagrammatic, pictorial or other graphic representation occurring within a resource impression (1) all copies of an edition produced at one time or in one operation 7410 (2) all copies of the sheets of a resource printed in one print run from the same setting of type-pages (See also edition, issue (printed monographic resource), state (older monographic resource), variant copy) independent title a title that by itself is sufficient to identify a resource E-Appendix E ISBD initialism the initial letters of the name of an organization or other entity or of any group of words (See also Acronym) insert a resource that is issued with another resource by being inserted into it, either loose or fixed, either regularly or occasionally.

Any printed material, such as a map, illustration, subscription blank, advertising 7420 supplement, etc., slipped loose (unbound) into a book or periodical, which is not an integral part of the publication. [ODLIS] (See also Accompanying material, Common title, Dependent title) inset any leaf or gathering printed with letterpress in a separate process, not forming an integral part of the regular gatherings of leaves, but issued with the resource. In bookbinding, a section of two or more leaves placed within another section in such a way that the back folds of both are sewn in the same pass of the thread. The inset section can wrap around the outside of the main section ("outsert") or be placed in its center or at some intermediate location within it. Insetting is used to include plates without having to go through the time-consuming process of tipping them in. [ODLIS] 7430 Also refers to a small diagram, map, or illustration printed within the area of a larger map or illustration, usually enclosed in a border of ruled lines. [ODLIS] integrating resource a resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole. Integrating resources can be finite or ongoing. Examples of integrating resources include updating looseleafs and updating web sites ISBN (International Standard Book Number) a number that uniquely identifies a book or book-like product as defined in international standard ISO ISMN (International Standard Music Number) 7440 a number that uniquely identifies a publication of printed music as defined in international standard ISO ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) a code that uniquely identifies a sound recording or music videorecording as defined in international standard ISO ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) an eight-digit number assigned to a continuing resource by the ISSN Network, as defined in international standard ISO issue those copies of an edition that constitute a planned publishing unit, 7450 distinguishable from other copies of that edition by one or more differences (e.g. a new title page or colophon that expressly identifies the copies as a discrete unit) (See also facsimile reproduction, impression, state (older monographic resource), variant copy) For motion pictures see reissue issue one of the successive parts of a serial issued with a designation used for a resource as arranged and issued by a publisher together with one or more other, different resources (generally with separate title pages and separate pagination) (See also bound with) E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E issuing body a corporate body under whose auspices a resource may be published. The body may or may not be 7460 intellectually responsible for the resource, and may or may not be the publisher iteration an instance of an integrating resource, either as first published or after it has been updated key title the unique name assigned to a continuing resource by the ISSN Network and inseparably linked with its ISSN. The key title may be the same as the title proper; or, in order to achieve uniqueness, it can be constructed by the addition of identifying and/or qualifying elements such as name of issuing body, place of publication, edition statement (see also ISSN) kit see multimedia resource 7470 label name the brand or trademark name associated with all or some of the products of a publisher or production company, particularly for sound recordings leaf one of the units into which the original sheet or half sheet of paper, parchment, etc., is folded to form part of a book, pamphlet, journal, etc.; each leaf consists of two pages, one on each side, either or both of which may be blank [AACR2] local access see direct access logo 7480 an emblem or graphic design used in publications and on promotional materials by a company, organization, agency, or institution as a trademark or symbol of its identity [ODLIS] looseleaf see updating looseleaf main series a series that contains one or more subseries map projection see projection map series a number of related but physically separate and bibliographically distinct cartographic units intended by 7490 the producer or producers or issuing body or bodies to form a single group. For bibliographic treatment, the group is collectively identified by any commonly occurring unifying characteristic or combination of characteristics including a common designation (e.g. collective title, number, or a combination of both);

sheet identification system (including successive or chronological numbering systems); scale; publisher;

cartographic specifications; uniform format; etc.

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