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Other abbreviations as used in ISO 83221 and ISO 80000-322 are recommended for use throughout the ISBD (see A.6.4).

b&w black and white CD compact disc (sound recordings) CD-I compact disc-Interactive CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory cm/s centimetres per second col. colour, coloured cop. copyright diam. diameter fr. frame or frames ill. illustrations in. inch or inches ips inches per second m/s metres per second mono monophonic/monaural p. pages p or P phonogram date photo CD photo compact disc quad quadraphonic rpm revolutions per minute sd. sound si. silent stereo stereophonic vol. volume or volumes ISO 832. Information and DocumentationBibliographic Description and ReferencesRules for the Abbreviation of Bibliographic Term.

ISO 80000-3:2006. Quantities and UnitsPart 3: Space and time.

D-ISBD 2010 Appendix E APPENDIX E: GLOSSARY Definitions are given for those terms used in the ISBD in a special sense, or in one of several senses in 7110 general use. Some terms used in the normal bibliographic sense are also defined. Sources for some definitions are identified after the definition. Full citations are given in the bibliography (Appendix C).

AACR2 = Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition DCRM(B) = Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Books) ODLIS = Joan M. Reitz, Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science (used by permission) USDMA = U.S. Defense Mapping Agency absorption the incorporation of one or more continuing resources into another continuing resource, with the absorbed continuing resources typically losing their separate identities 7120 access a method of obtaining data resources and programs (See also direct access, remote access) accompanying documentation see documentation accompanying material any material issued with the main part or parts of the resource being described, and intended to be used with it (See also documentation; insert) accompanying material statement a brief description of accompanying material 7130 acronym a word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts and/or each of the successive words or major words of a compound term, such as the name of a corporate body or a title (See also initialism) alternative title the second part of a title proper that consists of two parts (each of which has the form of an independent title), joined by a word such as or or its equivalent in another language, e.g. Moby-Dick, or, The Whale analytical title page a title page chosen as the basis of description for part of a bibliographic resource for which a comprehensive description is also made, e.g. the title page of a monograph within a monographic series 7140 antiquarian see older monographic resource area a major section of the bibliographic description, comprising data of a particular category or set of categories art reproduction a mechanically reproduced art work in a commercial edition ascension see right ascension E-Appendix E ISBD audiovisual resource 7150 a resource in medium that combines sound with visual images, for example, a motion picture or videorecording with soundtrack, or a slide presentation synchronized with audiotape [ODLIS] avant-titre other title information introducing the title proper, and occurring above the title proper on the prescribed source of information for the title and statement of responsibility area back-to-back a form of binding in which two texts are bound together, each beginning at one of the covers, with the pages in the same orientation relative to the spine, e.g. a French and Arabic text bound together (see also tte-bche) bibliographic description 7160 a set of bibliographic data recording and identifying a resource bibliographic format see format bibliographic resource see resource bound with a designation used for a copy contained in a volume with one or more other resources as arranged and bound independent of publication (see also Issued with). It is used in copy-specific information broadsheet a separately published sheet, printed on one side only and intended to be read unfolded; usually intended 7170 to be posted, publicly distributed, or sold, e.g. proclamation, handbill, ballad-sheet, news-sheet broadside see broadsheet caption title a title of a resource given at the beginning of the first page of the text carrier see physical carrier cartographic resource representation, in whole or in part, of the Earth or any celestial body at any scale, such as two- and threedimensional maps and plans; aeronautical, nautical and celestial charts; globes; block-diagrams; map 7180 sections; aerial, satellite and space photographs; remote-sensing imagery; atlases; bird's-eye views cartridge a permanently encased single reel of film or magnetic tape whose ends are joined together to allow continuous playback without rewinding, used for recording microreproductions of text and/or images (microfilm cartridge), or for playing sound (sound cartridge), motion pictures (film cartridge) or video (videocartridge). Usually designed to be inserted into a display or playback device cassette a permanently encased film or magnetic tape storage device, incorporating both supply and take-up reels into a removable unit, and used for recording microreproductions of text and/or images (microfilm cassette), or for playing sound (sound cassette), motion pictures (film cassette) or video (videocassette).

7190 Usually designed to be inserted into a display or playback device catalogue number an identification number a record label assigns to a recording E-ISBD 2010 Appendix E chief source of information see preferred source of information chorus score notated music for a work for voices and instruments that gives only the choral music in score form without the music for the instruments cine mode arrangement of successive images on microfilm and filmstrips with the base of each frame perpendicular 7200 to the edges of the film; see also comic mode close score notated music giving all the parts on a minimum of staves, normally two collation a list of the signatures of a book, indicating the number of leaves in each collective title a title for a resource that consists of two or more individual works that applies to the resource as a whole colophon a statement usually at the end of a resource giving information about its publication or printing, and in some cases, other bibliographic information, including the title. Particularly in fifteenth- and sixteenth 7210 century books, and in Asian books until the twentieth century, the colophon may give information generally found on the title page in later books (See also Title page, Title-page substitute) coloured illustration an illustration containing any colour; black, white, and shades of grey are not to be considered colours comic mode arrangement of successive images on microfilm and filmstrips with the base of each frame parallel to the edge of the film; see also cine mode [ODLIS] common title that part of the title that is carried by a group of related resources in addition to their different section titles. The common title serves to indicate this relationship and together with the section title identifies a 7220 given resource. The common title may also be common to a main resource and its supplement or supplements and to a main series and its subseries when the supplement or supplements or subseries have a dependent title or titles condensed score notated music giving only the principal musical parts on a minimum of staves, usually organized by instrumental sections conductor part see piano (violin, etc.) conductor part container any housing for a resource, a group of resources, or a part of a resource, that is physically separable from 7230 the material being housed (The sleeve, album or a slipcase, box, or folder for a set of discs is a container;

a cassette or cartridge is not.) (See also Physical carrier) content standard a detailed set of rules for preparing bibliographic records to describe and represent resources added to a library or archival collection. A content standard is established to maintain consistency within the catalogue and between the catalogues of libraries or archives using the same standard. The word content refers to the content of the bibliographic or descriptive record, not the content of the resource being described E-Appendix E ISBD continuing resource a resource that is issued over time with no predetermined conclusion. A continuing resource is either a 7240 serial or an ongoing integrating resource coordinates the quantities of latitude and longitude which define the position of a point on the surface of the Earth or other celestial sphere [USDMA, under geographic coordinates] corporate body any organization or group of persons and/or organizations that is identified by a particular name. This includes named occasional groups and events, such as meetings, conferences, congresses, expeditions, exhibitions, festivals and fairs. Typical examples of corporate bodies are associations, institutions, business firms, nonprofit enterprises, governments, government agencies, religious bodies and conferences (See also issuing body) 7250 cover the outer covering of a resource, of whatever material cover title the title printed on the (original) front cover of a resource data set name see file name date of publication, production, and/or distribution the date on which a resource is officially offered for sale or distribution to the public, usually given in the form of a year [ODLIS, under publication date] declination 7260 the angular distance to a body on the celestial sphere measured north or south through 90 from the celestial equator along the hour circle of the body; comparable to latitude on the terrestrial sphere [USDMA] dependent title a title that by itself is insufficient to identify a resource and that requires the addition of the common title, or the title of the main resource or the title of the main series.

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