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In this paper we offer an alternative to the popular view on the stages of political ideologies development. Nowadays most political analysts consider the political ideology a relic of a bygone era of ideological confrontation and either deny their significant impact on the modern political processes, or state the world victory of neoliberalism. Nevertheless, there is reason to believe in the development of a new ideology nowadays. This complex political ideology can be called naturalism. And it marks a new stage in the development of ideologies in general. The authors point of view does not claim to be the new truth, and is only an attempt to look at the familiar political phenomenon from a totally different standpoint.

Keywords: political ideology, religion, Christianity, social values, ideology of naturalism, freedom, equality, fraternity, liberalism, socialism, fascism, conservatism.

LAVRENTEVA T. V. Special Features of Defensive Functions of Social and State Institutions in the History of Kievan and Moscow Russia.

The article analyses defensive institutions in Kievan and Moscow ussia: public veche in ussian principalities, elected bodies of Medieval republics, peasant communities, right of administrative complaint. Their defensive functions and direction of development is described. Scientific and practical importance of the project is to discover the basic mechanisms of forming, developing and transforming institutions of protection of human rights at different stages of historical development of Russia and possibility of using great historical experience of our country for creating modern protection institutions.

Keywords: human rights, protection of human rights, institutions of protection of human rights.

APPLIED POLITICAL SCIENCE AND POLITICAL PROCESSES DUBINA Y. A. Educational Policy of Modern Russia and the Problem of Forming Free Proficiency in Foreign Language of Scientific Workers in the System of Postgraduate Education.

ree proficiency in foreign language is necessary for a scientific worker not only for communication.

It is a criteria of professional level, because is determines the rapidity of orientation in special literature and obtaining the information. ree proficiency in foreign language depends on scientists existing stock of knowledge.

Keywords: Educational policy of modern ussia, foreign language, scientific worker, communication, special literature, language competence, information.

SACHKO G. V. Why do Similar Refiorms of Higher Education in Russia and China Lead to Different Results The article gives a comparative analysis of higher education reforms in the Russian Federation and China. Entering the European Higher Education Area, transfer to two-tier system of education, cooperation of government and higher education institutions in both countries are examined. The author comes to the conclusion that the educational reforms in China are more effective for the modernization of the country and social life of society. Factors which have led to this positive result are pointed out.

Keywords: higher education, reform, modernization of the society, comparative analysis, Bologna process, two-tier system.

PASTUKHOV A. L. Knowledge Management in Education: International Experience.

The article is devoted to the research of international experience of knowledge management in education and its development in Russia. Knowledge management principles, methods of knowledge management and the basic problems of knowledge management in education are reviewed.

Keywords: knowledge management, education, international experience, tendencies, principles and methods of knowledge management.

ZYKOV A. A. Russian Far East as the Actor of Transboundary Cooperation.

This article considers the prospects of formation of transboundary regional system North-Eastern Asia. Problems of transboundary and frontier cooperation in Russia are analyzed in the context of recent trends in global policy. Special attention is given to the level of autonomy of subnational actors during integration of the Far East into North-Eastern Asia and the prospects of construction an effective regional strategy of Russian East regions.

Keywords: transboundary cooperation, subnational actors, integration, Russian Far East, NorthEastern Asia.

VELIKAYA O. V. The Political System of Modern Kazakhstan: Political and Methodological Analysis.

The article considers the problem of modern Kazakhstan multi-partied system in political and methodological aspect. It gives a political and methodological comparison of existing parties. A comparative analysis of ideological content of the political parties programmes and possible prospects of further development of the political system of Kazakhstan are also given.

Keywords: political party, party system, multi-partied system, methodology of analysis of political parties.

VASILEVA S. A. Special Features of Innovative Political Processes in Republic of Turkey.

The article highlightes the special features of innovative political process to lay down in Turkey in the Republican period. The author pays much attention to the processes of change of power in the country, as well as the process of formation of parties, closure of political parties and their recovery, which fully reflect the specifics of the political process of innovation in general.

Keywords: Turkey, political processes, innovation processes, a coup detat, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Justice and Development Party, the Peoples epublican Party.

VERSHILOV S. A. Culture of Military Safety: in Search of its Main Contradiction.

Today the culture of military safety acquires new contours. It is not difficult to notice, that globalization has ambiguous influence on it. Sometimes this influence generates military and political processes with unpredictable results. The mission of military safety culture must be done always. It is necessary to recognize, that present reality is a main factor of military safety cultures development. This thesis is substantiated in this article.

Keywords: culture of military safety, globalization, war, military conflict, terrorism, contradictions.

EASTERN HISTORY SUROVEN D. A. Marriage Connections of Sovereign -Sazaki (Nintoku) and Internal Political Struggle in Yamato in the End of 10Beginning of 20 Years of V Century.

In this article, on the basis of materials of the Japanese sources, the marriage connections of sovereign -sazaki (Nintoku, 418425 / 427 years of the corrected chronology) are analyzed. Political struggle in the end of 10ththe beginnings of 20th years of the V century had found reflection in this marriage connections. eatures of the status of the main wife (Empress), forms of struggle of the communal nobility for the power and the confidants of Yamato monarch are analyzed. The objective and subjective reasons of the change of the marriage connections system in the Japan rulers clan in beginning of the V-th century were researched.

Keywords: ancient Japan, Yamato, Jing, omuda, jin, -sazaki, Nintoku, mutiny of ayabusawake, Nihon-shoki, Kojiki, Kuji-honki, Ki-uji-no kach.

DJURAEV D. A. Historian Komyob from Khiva and his Works as a Contribution to Study of History of Central Asian Nations.

This article is devoted to the personality and historical works of unfamiliar historian Komyob from Khiva Khanate. The information about manuscript lists, structure and scientific importance of his works in the study of history of Central Asian nations in given in the article.

Keywords: manuscript, literary genres, Turkic peoples, the Khiva Khanate, folk material, Sufi teachings.

ORIENTAL TRADITION AND CROSS-CULTURAL INTERACTION BULTAKOV I. Y. Formulaicity as a Stylistic Peculiarity of Arabic Heroic Epos (according to Parrie-Lords theory).

The article is devoted to analysis of peculiarities in heroic and romantic epos of Medieval Arabic literature according to Parrie-Lords theory.

Keywords: folk novel, epic monuments, writing traditions, formula as a folklore theory.

BEGMATOV E. A., ISLAMOV A. Kh. Al-Farabi about Language and the Culture of Speaking.

The article is devoted to works of one of the outstanding world thinkers Abu Nasr Al-arabi, whose name is connected not only with some number of scientific discoveries, but also with the development of educational social and philosophic thought of the Middle East. In his works Al-Farabi touches on one of the problems of the modern linguistics the culture of speaking, particularly oratorical qualities of poets, culture of speaking of rulers, imams. The article considers requirements connected with speech, culture of speaking, oratory which should be met by a moral man, from the point of view of Al-Farabi.

Keywords: Al-Farabi, culture of speaking, Oriental philosophy, linguistics, oratory.

BEKMIRZAEV I. I. Codicology of Manuscript Works on Fiqh al-Muhit Written in Maverannahr.

In this article for the first time an effort to research the scientific heritage of Makhmut al-Bukhari and aziyuddin al-Sakhrasi on the basis of work al-Mukhit is made. History and the order of writing documents in institution of kaziyat in Maverranakhr are analysed. Besides a comparative analysis of unexplored until the present time manuscripts of work al-Mukhit, which are kept in Manuscript und of Institution of Oriental Studies Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan, libraries al-Azkhar (Egypt) and Suleimania (Turkey), is conducted.

Keywords: Burkhanuddin Maknmud al-Bukhari, aziyuddin al-Sakhrasi, al-Muhit, Maverranakh in XIXIII centuries, shurut, makhzar, sijil, fatovo, madrasah, janaza.

ESHANKULOVA S. I. Poetic Interpretation of Hyzr Image in the Lyrics of Poetess Nadira Begim.

This article deals with works of outstanding poetess of the first half of XIX century Nadira begim.

The research of art images of Nadiras lyrics is still an actual problem in Uzbek modern literary criticism.

In this article the style and the image of Hyzr in the lyrics of the poetess is considered. Also it studies the originality, skills and grace with which Nadira used the image of Hyzr in art and esthetic purposes.

Keywords: yzr, Islam, obi hayvon, Kahf, Kalimullah, myth, Sufi teachings.

NASYROVA M. A. Maverannakhr in the Context of Arabic Linguistic Schools.

This article is a part of research for the first time describing the activity of linguistic school of Maverannakhr in the Middle Ages. Extensive spreading of Arabic language (IXXI), unprecedented in the history rise in science and culture in Maverannakhr favoured the development of Arabic language and Arabic linguistics to a considerable extent. The evidence of this is the activity of great number of famous linguists, such as Iskhak al-Bukhari, Makhmud az-Zamashkhari, Ibn al-Khayat, Iskhak Saffar al-Bakhari, Nasr b. Abu as-Saiid al-Mutarrizi, Mukhammad al-Kharezmi, Umar al-Jandi, Masud atTaftazani and many others. They took an active part in development of Arabic linguistics in Maverannakhr.

Keywords: Maverannahr, linguistic school, Arabic grammar, madrasah, literary language, questions of morphology and syntax, linguistic research, theory of Arabic grammar, manuscript copier, sourse KASYMOVA S. S. Ways of Exposition of Syntax Relations in the Work Mukaddima of Khamiduddin Dariri.

This article is devoted to defining the way of exposition, used in the elucidation of grammar themes in the work of Bokharan linguist Khamiduddin Dariri. Besides a comparative analysis of Khamiduddin Dariris approaches to exposition of the syntax of Arabic language with approaches of other grammarians is carried out in this article.

Keywords: syntax, morphology, name, verb, adverbial modifier, isolation, exception, banner word, attribute, government, govern, definite state, indefinite state, complete declension, incomplete declension.

TOURSUNOVA D. Sh. Semantic Peculiarities of Complex Verb in Persian Language.

esearch in the field of semantic of complex verb in Persian language in one of the most important problems of Iranian studies. Inspite of considerable success in solving this important question, there is no single and consistent theory in Iran and other Iranian states. In this article the main semantic types of complex verbs are examined on the basis of modern sources of Persian language.

Keywords: semantic, complex verb, linked, simulated, unsimulated, motivated, unmotivated, partially motivated, prepositional verb, non prepositional verb.

ABDULKHAIROV M. Kh. Methods of Alisher Navois Texts Analysis.

The article is devoted to the analysis of methods of Alisher Navois works, one of which is prose interpretation of the poem arkhad and Shirin. Also the method of hermeneutics is examined.

Keywords: method, history of text, work, gloss, conjecture, dictionary.

SULTANKHODJAEVA S. U. Model forming verbs in somatic phraseological units of Persian language.

The article is dedicated to the model forming verbs in somatic phraseological units of Persian language. The author analyses a potential possibility of verbs to form somatic phraseological units and examines their compatibility with somatic lexemes. The presented analysis of model forming verbs contributes to the scholarship of research related to issues of compatibility of verbs with somatic units.

Keywords: model forming units, somatic units, somatic phraseological formations, productivity, compatibility.

EROFEEVA Y. A. Alternative Forms of Conducting Chinese Language Lessons in Primary School.

In the article Alternative forms of conducting Chinese language lessons in primary school the author summarizes the problems of teaching Chinese language to primary school children and describes the basic characteristics of children of this age group and the problems associated with the perception of Chinese language.

Besides general characteristics of teaching Chinese language in primary school, in this article you can find methods, which teachers can use for preparing and organizing their lessons.

The article presents the definition and characteristics of the forms of lessons. There are also some examples of alternative lessons which have been used by the author of this article. The author presents some results and recommendations to teachers based on monitoring children during these lessons. All examples are given with the illustrations, which help to understand the presented material.

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