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So, the aims of my work are 1) To popularize Rosamunde Pilcher’s work 2) To draw Russian reader’s attention to her works through the Internet and in other ways 3) To try my hand at translation her story “The Blue Bedroom” in the original To get you aquatinted with this writer I want to present her biography in short.

Rosamunde Scott was born into a family of a naval officer on 22nd of December 1924. She studied at private schools and later at the courses of typists.

During the Second World War she worked first in the foreign office, and then in the women’s Royal Naval Service, serving in Portsmouth Trincomale Ceylon with the east India fleet. After the war she married Graham Hope Pilcher and moved to Scotland. She and her husband live near Dundee, where she still lives today. They have 4 children and eight grandchildren. Though she has full hands to do with such a big family, she has been continuously writing for magazines, as well as thirteen novels.

Creative activity Rosamunde Pilcher has had a long and distinguished career as a novelist and a short-story writer. She began writing under the pseudonym Jane Fraser at the end of the 40’s. She wrote romantic novels. Rosamunde Pilcher had been using this pseudonym up to 1965. From that time on, she published her books as Rosamunde Pilcher.

It was her phenomenally successful novel, The Shell Seekers that captured the hearts of all who read it. It was the real breakthrough in Pilcher’s career.

Here is the list of her books translated and not yet translated into Russian.

May be my work can persuade you to translate ore al least to read them in the original, which is essential.

Sleeping Tiger, Another View, The End of Summer, Snow in April, The Empty House, The Day of the Storm, The Shell Seekers, September, Coming Home, Winter Solstice, The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories, Flowers in the Rain: And Other Stories.

In 1997 the writer was honored with Prize Bambi.

Pilcher retired from writing in 2000.

Two years later she was awarded an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

I tried to translate one of the most well known short stories “The Bue Bedroom” and to make you understand, what it is about, I’ll give you the plot of the story in a nutshell.

It is quite simple.

Emily, a teenager, has completely lost her self-confidence after her mother’s death. She is a failure at school and thinks she is unwanted and not loved in the family. But she seems to be efficient, when her step-mother is giving a birth to a child. And after everything finishes quite well, her world isn’t so gloomy any more, and her life may start anew.

I have chosen the story The Blue Bedroom, because it is quite typical of Rosamunde Pilcher’s manner of writing. Here is what I have done.

As the sun slipped down out of the Когда солнце скатилось с неба за sky and long shadows grew and горизонт и длинные тени растянулись stretched out over the sandy dunes, по песчаным дюнам – пляж опустел.

the beach emptied. Mothers called to Мамы звали непослушных детей, reluctant children, coaxing them out вытаскивали их из теплых вод летнего of warm shallows of summer flood залива. Сонные загорелые малыши tide. Sleepy sunburned toddlers были усажены в коляски, корзинки с were strapped into pushchairs, едой – снова собраны, потерянные picnic baskets were repacked, сандалии и полотенца, наконец, missing sandals and towels finally возвращены на место. К семи часам run to earth. пляж опустел. Остались лишь By 7 o’clock the beach was almost спасатель, сидящий в высоком кресле deserted. Only the lifeguard, sitting под пляжным зонтом; несколько in his champ chair by the beach hut; отставших серфингистов, женщина с a couple of determent surfers; a надоедливой собакой.

woman with rambunctious dog.

Now everything was eggshell blue, Теперь все было бледно-голубого with a fitted pale blue carpet, and цвета с подходящим по цвету бледноbeautiful satin curtains lined with голубым ковром, с красивыми the palest yellow. The old brass bed атласными занавесками в бледноhad gone, and in its place was a желтую полоску. На месте старой luxurious king-size divan, frilled in кровати теперь стоял большой the same material as the curtains, роскошный диван, обитый той же and draped in a white muslin тканью, что и шторы; драпированный canopy that was suspended from a белым нетканым муслином, gilded coronet, high on the wall. свисавшим сверху с позолоченного There were a lot of white furry nigs, балдахина. В комнате было много and the bathroom was lined in белых пушистых ковриков, в ванной mirror glass and glittering with висело большое зеркало и было enticing bottles and jars. And расставлено множество everything smelt of lilies-of-the- привлекательных сверкающих valley. It was Stephanie’s own баночек и бутылочек. Все здесь пахло scent. But Emily’s mother had ландышем. Это был собственный always smelt of Eau-de-Cologne аромат Стефани. От мамы пахло and face powder. одеколоном и пудрой.

A family. Everything had changed, Семья. Все изменилось, все было everything was different, but that другим, но это не означало, что стало didn’t mean that it couldn’t be хуже. Когда Эмили проводила good. When she had seen the doctor доктора и дождалась, когда машина off, and watched his car disappear исчезнет за поворотом, она не around the curve of the drive, спешила вернуться в дом. Темнело, в Emily did not immediately return саду дивно пахло после жаркого indoors. It was growing dark now, долгого дня. Первая из звезд the garden dusky and sweet-scented загорелась на сапфирового цвета небе.

after the long, hot day. The first of Прекрасный вечер. Лучший вечер, the stars shone from a sapphire- чтобы начать жить. Лучший вечер, colored sky. A beautiful evening. чтобы начать взрослеть.

Just the right sort of evening for a person to start living. Just the right sort of evening for a person to start growing up.

In conclusion I must say that it was really exciting to discover the multicoloured world of Rosamunde Pilcher.

It is inhabited by simple, but kind-hearted, strong-willed and honest people. The more you get them to know, the more you understand and like them.

Her novels may seem sentimental, because of touching plots and “happy end”, but nevertheless you can not stop reading them and always want to read more.

Бродецкая Е.

10 класс, МОУ «Гимназия №17» г. Электросталь Научный руководитель: учит.англ.языка В.К. Габолаева National and Cultural Peculiarities of English Humor Human beings have already been laughing for many thousands of years.

Laughter can be different. It is sometimes angry or sometimes merry.

We laugh, when we see something unexpected. The object of our investigation is the British joke, where peculiarity of national English character and culture are reflected like in the mirror. The national character of the English has been very differently described, but most commentators agree over one quality, which they describe as fatuous self-satisfaction, serene sense of superiority, or insular pride. We can talk about some general traits of character that cause a smile. The best known trait is reserve. If English people are making a journey by train, they try to find an empty compartment. If they have to share the compartment with a stranger, they may travel many miles without starting a conversation. E.g. Two Englishmen went on a journey round the world by the same train. They traveled separately and didn’t know each other. Five months later as they were back across the Atlantic they accidentally bumped into each other this was the first time they had spoken. The larger one who caused the collision said, “Sorry, old chap”. The other one said, “That’s all right. Nice day for the crossing, isn’t it” Closely related to English reserve is English modesty. If a person is very good at golf, and someone asks him if he is a good player, he will probably give an answer like “I’m not bad”, or “I think I’m not bad” or “I think I’m quite good", or “Well, I’m very keen on golf”. The famous English sense of humor is the ability to laugh at oneself, at one’s own faults. “He is a man of humor” or “He has no sense of humor” is often heard in Britain, where humor is so highly prized. The typical English humor is ironical often directed against oneself in a mild self critical way. It is quite common to find good friends, playing jokes at each other or “pulling somebody’s leg”, as they call it. The English are considered to be cool slowcoaches. And they have a habit to make fun of this peculiarity of their character.

Е.g. There are three fish men in a boat. “It’s fine weather today, isn’t it”, says one of them. Half an hour later the other man objected, “No, the weather is nasty today” Another half an hour passed and the third man pronounced, “Stop arguing, gentlemen!” The English can understand and appreciate a good joke. But not all jokes can be translated into Russian. As for puns, or play on words, when translating from English, they lose their humorous base. Some of such jokes demand good knowledge of the language. The English never say what they mean, often quite the opposite. Their humor is partly based on an exaggeration of traits of their own character. Tact and diplomacy with the English are held up to ridicule.

They love irony and expect others to appreciate it too. The English are considered to be deeply serious people, which they are. This gives piquancy to the English sense of humor.

Humor is a complicated phenomenon, including different aspects of people’s life. Here you can find puns, short funny and amusing stories about themselves, about the weather, about the government and even about the royal family. And it is not customary to feel offended.

It is sometimes very difficult to understand English humor. The main difficulty in international communication is the difference in background knowledge. So the representatives of different cultures behave differently according to their cultural norms.

One and the same situation may be differently depicted in different cultures.

Products Literature Folklore Art music Behavior Ideals Customs Beliefs Habits Values Food Institutions There are three correlative categories of culture.

All of these elements contain humor. It may be caricature in painting, parody. The main theme of the British joke is social life.

E.g. “They say that Smith is getting married”.

“Serves him right, I never liked the fellow”.

Here we can see juxtaposition of real and unreal situations.

E.g. “Will you give up smoking for me” “Who said I’m smoking for you” These are two-line jokes. The punch line of these jokes is in the second sentence.

E.g. “My girl has lots of personality.” “My isn’t good-looking either”.

There are special kinds of jokes about relationships between men and women.

These jokes are usually based on contraposition of men’s and women’s characteristic.

“He is inquisitive--- she is nosy, He shares information--- she gossips, He explains--- she complains, He is reflexive--- she is moody, He is resolute – – – she is stubborn, He loses his temper--- she is hysterical, He is analytical--- she uses feminine logic” Speaking about English humor we can’t help mentioning English folk- lore.

Limericks Limericks are certainly not modern invention. In fact, they are so old:

nobody is quite sure how they started. Irishmen began writing verses in rather peculiar way. A limerick is composed of five lines with lines one, two and five being longer than the third and fourth lines. They contain hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idioms, puns and other figurative devices. The last line of a good limerick contains the punch line or heart of the joke.

One of the first complete books of limericks to be published was called “A Book of Nonsense” It was published in 1846 and the author was Edward Lear.

We can find limericks even in the plays of great Shakespeare “Othello”, “King Lear”. Here are some examples of limericks.

There was a young lady of Niger, Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.

They returned from the ride With the lady inside And the smile on the face of the tiger.

There was an Old Man on the Border, Who lived in the utmost disorder:

He danced with the Cat, And made Tea in his Hat Which vexed all the folks on the Border.

There was an old man with a beard Who said, “It is just as I feared Two owls and a hen For larks and a wren Have all built their nests in my beard.

There was an old lady who said When she found a thief under her bed, “Get up from the floor You are too near the door And you may catch a cold in your head.

Conclusion In conclusion we should say that English humor is a vivid reflection of the peculiarities of English character. English jokes cover almost all spheres of people’s life. In our work we have made an attempt to prove that English humor is the main way to learn more about peculiarities of English people. And English joke is an essential part of English culture.

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5 курс, факультет иностранных языков, Московский государственный областной гуманитарный институт Научный руководитель: канд. пед. наук, доц. Е.Г. Котова Имена-клички животных в народном эпосе (на примере английских мифов и сказок) Во все времена человек может нормально жить и развиваться только в согласии с природой, не просто делая её удобной себе, но и считаясь с её требованиями. Только такое взаимоотношение людей и животных делает их совместное существование возможным. По сей день многие люди, имеющие домашних животных, или, заводя питомца, сталкиваются с вопросом, какую кличку ему дать, какое значении и какие последствия она может принести животному. Некоторые чересчур щепетильно относятся к кличке любимца, так как считают, что она может определить его характер и судьбу.

Зоонимы – имена различных животных, птиц и т.п. – особый отдел ономастики со своими традициями, которые различны у разных народов.

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