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for the calculation of an average pore diameter d and the pore density N from the obtained Sv and p. The dependence of specific Список литературы surface area and porosity on the resistivity of the initial n-Si in the = 3-25 Ohm · cm range has been found for samples of regular [1] V. Lehmann. Electrochemistry of Silicon (Wiley-VCH Verlag and self-organized macropore lattices“. The values obtained GmbH, 2002) p. 277.

” are within the limits of p = 27-50%, Sv = 2800-6000 cm2/cm3, [2] H.L. Maynard, J.P. Meyers. Small Fuell Cells 2000:

d = 1.9-6.5 µm, N = 1.4-1 · 106 cm-2, being in good agree2nd Annual Small Fuel Cells and Battery Technologies for Portable Power Applications Int. Symp. (New Orleans). ment with the microscopic data.

[3] L. Ohlsen. Extended Abstracts 4th Int. Conf. Porous Semiconductors — Science and Technology, Cullera-Valenicia, Spain 14-19.03.2004, ed. by L. Canham, A. Nissiopoulou, V. Parkhutik, Abstract I-3.

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Winter school. Les Houches, 1994, ed. by J.C. Vial, J. Derrien (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Les Editions de Physique les Ulis, 1995) p. 38.

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Редактор Л.В. Беляков Физика и техника полупроводников, 2006, том 40, вып.

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