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Effect of gamma-rays and electron-beam on the electroluminescence of ZnS : Cu,Br and ZnS : Cu,Al,Br phosphors is reported. Irradiation of both phosphors with gamma-quanta and ZnS : Cu,Br with electrons resulted in 20-35% improvement of brightness at the optimum dose of 5-10 Mrad. In the luminescence spectra of all irradiated samples increase of relative intensity of green“ band was observed, supposedly due to the ” dissociation of Cui-CuZn and BrZn-VZn donor-acceptor pairs.

Thus, the irradiation makes it possible to control the brightness and colour of luminescent of zink sulfide phosphors, what may be used for the non-chemical patterning of luminescent layers.

Физика и техника полупроводников, 2006, том 40, вып.

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