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The effect of different oxygen concentrations (CO2) in the (20% SiH4 + 80% Ar) +O2 gas mixture and of various values of the Er-target area (SEr) on composition and photoluminescence of Er3+ was investigated in the amorphous a-SiOx : H Er,O films produced by dc-magnetron sputtering. Analysis of experimental data showed that [Er–O]- and [Er–O–Si–O]-clusters are generated in the gas phase due to the competition of oxidization reaction and sputtering process of Si- and Er-targets and the interaction of the [Si–O]- and [Er–O]-clusters with each other and with oxygen in the gas phase. An existence of break in the dependences of Er–O concentrations of oxygen bound with erbium (NO ) and erbium (NEr) on Er-target area and on molar concentration of oxygen in the gas phase observed at CO2 (5-6.5) mol%, supports the hypothesis on the formation of various erbium clusters. Conditions are determined, in which a-SiOx : H Er,O films are formed with the largest values of Er3+ photoluminescence intensity at = 1.54 µm at room temperature.

Физика и техника полупроводников, 2005, том 39, вып.

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