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Редактор Л.В. Шаронова Stabilization of the Fermi level by a resonant gallium level in Pb1-x SnxTe alloys E.P. Skipetrov, E.A. Zvereva, N.N. Dmitriev, A.V. Golubev+, V.E. Slynko Low Temperature Physics Department, Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University, 119992 Moscow, Russia + Faculty of Materials Science, Moscow State University, 119992 Moscow, Russia Institute of Material Science Problems, Chernovtsy Department, 274001 Chernovtsy, Ukraine


The galvanomagnetic properties of n-Pb1-xSnxTe (x = 0.09-0.21) alloys doped with gallium have been investigated. The anomalous temperature dependencies of the Hall coefficient have been revealed, indicating the Fermi level stabilization by a resonant gallium-induced level located in the conduction band. In terms of two-band Kane dispersion law the dependencies of the electron concentration and the Fermi energy on the matrix composition and on the temperature were calculated from the experimental data. Shown has been that the position of resonant gallium levels relative to the valence band top remains virtually unchanged under variation of the matrix composition. The dependence of the thermal coefficient of resonant level movement with respect to the middle of the gap has been obtained.

Физика и техника полупроводников, 2006, том 40, вып.

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