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Transformation of the shallow hydrogen-related donors, with have been formed in the silicon samples by irradiation of the low energy (300 keV) protons and following heat treatment under 450C was investigated. Experiment was carried out on Ag–Mo–Si Shottky diodes and diodes with shallow ( 1 µ) p+-n junction. The concentration and distribution of these donors were defined by C-V -method at 1.2 MHz frequency. Using temperature dependence of equilibrium electron concentration it was established, that the hydrogen-related donors were chargestate controlled centers with negative effective correlative energy (U < 0). Transformation between both equilibrium configurations of the double hydrogen-related donor (D++ D0 ) takes place B A when value of the Fermi level is arranged near Ec-0.30 eV. It was revealed that donor transformation from neutral into double charge state D0 D++ have been stimulated by minority carriers A B trapping under room temperature.

Физика и техника полупроводников, 2005, том 39, вып.

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