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, 1999, 41, . 784 V.M. Agranovich, S.A. Kiselev, Z.G. Soos, S.R. Forrest model of ordered CTEs lattice predicts. As it follows from Eq. (1), the CTE energy as a function of the number of CTEs should vary as n3/2. Fig. 3 demonstrates that in computer simulations such dependence take place for peak position with high accuracy. At finite temperature, the repulsion also can be important because it decreases the activation energy. This decrease of activation energy depends on the concentration of CTEs. To observe the predicted cold photoconductivity, the methods for observing photoconductivity parallel to the plane of dipoles developed in the investigations of LangmuirBlodgett films [9] can be used. It is clear also that for such measurements we need to have nearly perfectly ordered crystalline D-A multilayers with a large interface area.

Authors are thankful to Martin Pope, Jeffrey Schwartz and Vladimir Yudson for useful discussions.

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