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T. Torchynska, A. Vivas Hernandez, A. Many, Y. Goldstein, [2] C. Delerue, M. Lannoo, G. Allan. J. Luminecs., 57, E. Savir, J. Jedrzejewski. J. Luminecs., 102–103, 705 (2002).


Редактор Л.В. Шаронова [3] М.С. Бреслер, И.Н. Ясиевич. ФТП, 27 (5), 871 (1993).

Физика и техника полупроводников, 2006, том 40, вып. 620 Б.М. Булах, Н.Е. Корсунская, Л.Ю. Хоменкова, Т.Р. Старая, М.К. Шейнкман The influence of oxidation process on the photoluminescence efficiency and spectra of porous silicon B.M. Bulakh, N.E. Korsunska, L.Yu. Khomenkova, T.R. Stara, M.K. Sheinkman V. Lashkarev Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 03028 Kiev, Ukraine


The photoluminescence spectra of porous silicon as well as their excitaion energy and temperature dependencies have been investigated. It is shown that the infrared band observed in as-prepared samples is a result of exciton recombination in silicon crystallites. The appearance of well separated additional emission band shifted towards higher energy in comparison to crystalliterelated one was observed at the initial stage of oxidation. This band proposed to be due to carrier recombination on defects in silicon oxide. It is shown that the broad band observed after prolong aging is a superposition of the crystallite- and oxide-related bands.

The dependencies of both peak positions and intensities on the aging time and the temperature as well as the information about the depth distribution of oxide-related centers have been obtained.

Физика и техника полупроводников, 2006, том 40, вып.

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