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Hall coefficient, thermoelectromotive force and electroconductivity have been investigated in Na-doped PbSe containing isovalent impurities of Cd and Mn with concentrations up to 5 at. %. The experimental data together with the results obtained earlier point out that the addition of the isovalent impurities in Nadoped lead chalcogenides leads to weakening the acceptor action of sodium due to localization of holes at the defects. According to the proposed new model of the acceptor doping of lead chalcogenides, chalcogen atoms in the metallic sublattice are likely to be such defects. The temperature rise as well as the introduction of isovalent impurities with relatively small ionic radii promote their formation.

The antisite defects create resonant levels in the valence band, their energy position being dependent on the sodium concentration.

Физика и техника полупроводников, 1997, том 31, №

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