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tures with different thickness of undoped (blocking) layer is [9] J.A. Chroboczek, F.H. Pollak, H.F. Staunton. Phyl. Mag. B, 50, investigated. Impurity concentration in a doped (active) layer 113 (1984).

was 1018 cm-3. Measurements were carried out in the tempera[10] Б.И. Шкловский. ФТП, 6, 1197 (1972).

[11] Д.И. Аладашвили, З.А. Адамия, К.Г. Лавдовский, Е.И. Ле- ture range T = 4-15 K, both at high ( 1016 photon/cm2 · c) and low ( < 1014 photon/cm2 · c) flows of photons. The вин, Б.И. Шкловский. ФТП, 23, 213 (1989).

[12] S.C. Jain. Germanium-Silicon Strained Layers and Hete- photovoltaic effect that manifested itself in Si : B structures with small thickness (3 µm) of blocking lauer was observed. It has rostructures. Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics, been found that the photo-e.m.f. appears at the photon energies Suppl. 24 (Academic Press, 1994).

exceeding the boron activation energy; the value does not depend [13] C.G. Van de Walle, R.M. Martin. Phys. Rev. B, 34, on the photoexcitation intensity (at > 1013 photon/cm2 · c), (1986).

being at low temperatures close to the activation energy of hopping [14] J.M. Bass, C.C. Matthai. Semicond. Sci. Technol., 5, conductivity 3 for the active layer.


[15] L. Colombo, R. Resta, S. Baroni. Phys. Rev. B, 44, 5572 Photovoltaic effect was explaned in terms of the ballistic (1991).

transport of holes that were photoemitted from the contact through [16] Е.Б. Гольдгур, Р.И. Рабинович. ЖЭТФ, 84, 1109 (1983).

blocking layer and subsequenty cooled in the active layer. Presence [17] V.N. Abakumov, V.I. Perel, I.N. Yassievich. Nonradiative of a potential barrier ( 3) due to active-to-blocking layer Recombination in Semiconductors (North-Holland, Amsterinterface was also taken into account. The study makes it possible dam, Oxford, N. Y., Tokyo, 1991).

to suggest a model for description of main regularities of the [18] С. Зи. Физика полупроводниковых приборов (М., Мир, photo-e.m.f. behaviour depending on temperature, intensity, and 1984) т. 2, приложение.

the photon energy has been developed.

[19] В.Н. Абакумов, В.И. Перель, И.Н. Яссиевич. ФТП, 12, (1978).

[20] Л.А. Ворожцова, Е.М. Гершензон, Ю.А. Гурвич, Ф.М. Исмагилова, А.П. Мельников. ЖЭТФ, 94, 350 (1988).

[21] В.В. Рыльков. ФТП, 22, 1661 (1988).

Редактор В.В. Чалдышев Физика и техника полупроводников, 1999, том 33, вып.

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