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220013 Minsk, Belarus Leibniz-Institute of Solid State and Materials Research Dresden, PF 27 01 16, Список литературы D-01171 Dresden, Germany [1] L. Ivanenko, H. Lange, A. Heinrich. In: Semiconducting silicides, ed. by V.E. Borisenko (Berlin, Springer Verlag, 2000)


Transport and thermoelectric properties of semiconChap. 5, p. 243.

ducting rhenium silicide (ReSi1.75) were systematically studied [2] C.A. Kleint, A. Heinrich, H. Griessmann, D. Hofmann, both experimentally and theoretically. Pure and Al-doped single H. Vinzelberg, J. Schumann, D. Schlaefer, G. Behr, L. Ivacrystals of ReSi1.75 have been grown by floating zone technenko. MRS Fall Meeting „Thermoelectric Materials 1998“ nique with radiation heating. Electrical resistivity, Hall effect, (Boston, USA, 1998). [MRS Symposium Proc., 545, Seebeck coefficient (thermoelectric power) of the crystals were (1999)].

measured between 77–800 K. The charge carrier concentration [3] A. Heinrich, C. Kleint, H. Griessmann, G. Behr, L. Ivanenko, in the undoped samples amounts to about 1019 cm-3 at room V. Shaposhnikov, J. Schumann. Proc. XVIII Int. Conf. on temperature and the mobility to about 30 cm2/(V · s). Theoretical Thermoelectrics (Baltimore, USA, 1999) p. 161.

simulations of the transport and thermoelectric properties include:

[4] U. Gottlieb, B. Lambert-Andron, F. Nava, M. Affronte, O. Laborde, A. Rouault, R. Madar. J. Appl. Phys., 78, 3902 the ab initio electronic band structure calculation and the effective (1995).

mass tensor evaluation; the simulation of the charge carrier [5] I. Ali, P. Muret, A. Haydar. Semicond. Sci. Technol., 16, mobility for electrons and holes with the account of classical (2001).

scattering mechanisms; the Seebeck coefficient calculation. The [6] L. Ivanenko, V.L. Shaposhnikov, A.B. Filonov, D.B. Migas, results of the theoretical simulation are in good agreement with G. Behr, J. Schumann, H. Vinzelberg, V.E. Borisenko.

the experimental data.

Microelectronic Engin., 64 (1–4), 225 (2002).

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[9] P. Blaha, K. Schwarz, P. Sorantin, S.B. Trickey. Comput. Phys.

Com., 59, 399 (1990).

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Редактор Т.А. Полянская Физика и техника полупроводников, 2005, том 39, вып.

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