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errors of determination are apparently minimal for Si but [7] DIN 50 438, Pt 1, p. 809 (Testing of Materials for Semi29 can be considerable for Si and Si. For development conductor Technology Determination of Impurity Content of a completely well founded IR method for determination in Semiconductors by Infrared Absorption Oxygen in Siliof carbon and oxygen impurities in mono-isotopic silicon a con), (1993).

study of IR spectra of high-purity samples (in relation to [8] ASTM F 1391-92, p. 646 (Standard Test Method for Subcarbon and oxygen with the content of about 1014 cm-3) stitutional Atomic Carbon Content of Silicon by Infrared Absorption).

of mono-isotopic silicon are required first of all. These [9] Л.И. Хируненко, В.И. Шаховцов, В.И. Шинкаренко, samples could be used as the reference samples. For each Ф.М. Воробкало. ФТП, 24 (6), 1051 (1990).

isotope a series of samples with the known content of C [10] Г.Г. Девятых, А.Д. Буланов, А.В. Гусев и др. Докл. АН, and O estimated by independent method for determination 376 (4), 492 (2001).

of calibration coefficient in relationship (1) is also strongly [11] A.D. Bulanov, G.G. Devyatych, A.V. Gusev et al. Cryst. Res.


Technol., 35 (9), 1023 (2000).

[12] K.M. Itoh, J. Kato, M. Uemura et al. Jap. J. Appl. Phys. (2003) in press.

4. Conclusions [13] K.M. Itoh, J. Kato, H. Yamada-Kaneta, H.-J. Pohl. Phys. Rev.

B, 68, 035205 (2003).

1. The IR spectra of all three silicon isotopes in the [14] B. Pajot. In: Properties of Crystalline Silicon, ed.

form of bulk single crystals (28Si with enrichment more by B.L. Weiss. EMIS Datareviews Series, No 20, p. 29 as 99.9%, Si and Si with enrichment more than 90%) (1998).

has been studied at T = 300, 17 and 5 K in spectral range [15] A. Sassella. Appl. Phys., 79 (26), 4339 (2001).

[16] P. Wagner. Appl. Phys. A: Sol. Surf., 53, 20 (1991).

550-1200 cm-1 which refers to absorption of Si-16O-Si and [17] O. De Gryse, P. Clauws. J. of Appl. Phys., 87 (7), 3294 (2000).

Si-12C group. The spectral position of phonon maximum [18] T. Ruf, H.D. Fushs, M. Cardona. Phys. B1, 52 (11), at 300 K have been determined.


2. The spectral features of the Si-12C band centered [19] M. Cardona. In: Festkrperprobleme / Advanced in Solid at 605 cm-1 for all silicon isotopes in comparison with State Physics, ed. by R. Helbig, (Vieweg, Braunschweig / silicon of natural isotopic composition as well as its isotopic Wiesbaden), 34, 35 (1994).

shift at 300 and 17 K have been determined.

[20] R.C. Newman. In: Infrared Studies of Crystal Defects (Tailor 3. The spectral position of Si-16O-Si band in region & Francis, London, 1973) p. 88.

of 1136 cm-1 for all silicon isotopes in comparison with [21] D.R. Bosomworth, W. Hayes, A.R.L. Spray, G.D. Watkins.

Proc. Roy. Soc. (London), Ser. A317, 133 (1970).

silicon of natural isotopic composition as well as its isotopic [22] B. Pajot, E. Artacho, C.A.J. Ammerlaan, J.-M. Spaeth. J. Phys.:

shift at 300 and 17 K has been determined. The dependence Condens Matter, 7, 7077 (1995).

of shape of asymmetric stretching vibration band of quasi28 Редактор Т.А. Полянская molecule Si-16O-28Si in spectrum of Si on spectral Физика и техника полупроводников, 2005, том 39, вып.

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