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E MOTION(S) F E E LING(S) 2012,, 31 ____ 209.002. ( 4.


____, emotion(s) feeling(s) - Ch. J.

Fillmore, Ph.N. Johnson-Laird, G. Lakoff, J. Lyons, G.A. Miller, E.H. Rosh, L.

Talmy, F. Ungerer, H.J. Schmid, S. Atkins, S.

Evert, E. Finegan, S. Hoffman, A. ilgariff, D. Lee, Ch.F. Meyer, Y.Prytz, J.

Sinclare, N. Smith.); (..,..,..

,.., W. James, C. Izard, P. Ekman, R. Plutchik, W. Parrott.);.,..,.

Damasio, Z. Dane T. Bosse, C. Jonker, J. Truer, J. Parvizi.),, (..,..,..

,..,..,...), (..,..

,..,..,..,.), (..,..,...), (.

Wierzbicka, Z. K vecses, G. Lakoff, S.M. Johnson, A. Ortony, Y. Clore, A. Collins, K. Oatley, L. Janda,. Delgado.) emotion(s) feeling(s).

emotion(s) feeling(s) emotion(s) feeling(s) VISUAL THESAURUS INFOMAP c BNCweb N+N;

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emotion(s) feeling(s).

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emotion(s) feeling(s).

emotion(s) feeling(s) emotion(s) feeling(s) The American Heritage. Dictionary of the English Language (AHDOEL), Dictionary of English Language and ulture (DOELC), Collins Cobuild English Dictionary (CCED), Cambridge International Dictionary of English (CIDOE), Longman Language Activator (LLA), Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE), Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (MEDFAL), Macmillan English Dictionary (MED), Merriam Webster Online Dictionary (MWOD), Merriam (MWCD), Oxford English Dictionary (OED), The Visual Thesaurus, a Dictionary of (WRUD), (Oxford Collocation Dictionary, Macmillan Collocation Dictionary),, VISUAL THESAURUS INFOMAP.

) I emotion(s) feeling(s) (14 723 :

1. emotion(s) feeling(s),.

2. emotion feeling feeling emotion.

3. emotion(s) feeling(s) 4. emotion(s) feeling(s), 5. emotion(s) feeling(s) VISUAL THESAURUS, INFOMAP BNCweb.

6. emotion(s) feeling(s),.

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BNCweb ( ), - corpus manager 8].. Corpus Linguistics with BNCweb a Practical Guide C BNCweb mutual information (MI) MI T-score), Z Z-score Log-likelihood), Dice). 2001].

BNCweb BNCweb web-. BNCweb, 2 emotion(s) feeling(s) emotion(s) feeling(s).

emotion feeling.. feeling emotion, emotion feeling - The American Heritage. Dictionary of the English Language state, sensibility, sensation, responsiveness, perception emotion : disturbance, agitation, feeling: awareness, impression, fondness, sentiment, a feel. 1a. a perception associated with stimulation of a FEELING sense organ or with a specific body condition 1b. the faculty to feel or perceive; physical sensibility a physical sensation 1c. indefinite generalized body feeling 2. a state of heightened interest or emotion 3. a state of public interest and excitement/ a cause of such interest EMOTION an affective state of a mental or emotional condition consciousness from emotions, sentiments, a mental state; a feeling desires awareness a state of mental agitation having knowledge or cognizance or disturbance an awareness or sensibility impression impression an effect, feeling or image from experiment a vague notion, resemblance or belief a mark produce on surface by pressure an emotional state or disposition; an emotion;

a tender emotion;

a fondness fondness warm affection or liking a strong inclination or preference; a taste capacity to experience the sensitivity higher emotions;

the capacity to respond to stimulation sensitivity; sensibility;

sensibility feelings: sensibilities keen intellectual perception sentiment mental or emotional responsiveness a thought, view, attitude, especially based mainly on emotion instead of reason;

opinion based on emotion emotion, feeling than on reason; sentiment tender or romantic feeling maudlin emotion; sentimentality appreciative regard or understanding a general impression intuitive awareness or aptitude; a feel 1 feeling/emotion emotion(s) feeling(s) emotion(s) feeling(s) : v+N(s):

any verb+emotion(s)/feeling(s), v+N+prep: any verb + an emotion/ a feeling + preposition of, v+adj+N(s): any verb + any adjective + emotion(s)/feeling(s), N(s)+prep+N: emotion(s)/feeling(s) + preposition of + any noun.


emotion c VISUAL THESAURUS,,, emotion (. 2): an emotional response that has been acquired by conditioning: CER, conditioned emotion, conditioned emotional response; a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance: ire, anger, choler; an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or flight): fear, fright, fearfulness; a feeling of profound respect for someone or something: fear, reverence, awe, veneration; a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually illdefined) misfortune: anxiety; the emotion of great happiness: joy, joyousness, joyfulness; a strong positive emotion of regard and affection: love; the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action: hate, hatred; the state of a person dejection):emotional state, spirit.

feeling c VISUAL THESAURUS 6 : the experiencing of affective and emotional states: state; a physical sensation that you experience: somatesthesia, somaesthesia somatic sensation, somesthesia; a vague idea in which some confidence is placed:

impression, notion, opinion, belief; the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people: spirit, tone, flavor, look, smell; the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin: touch sensation, touch, tactual sensation, tactile sensation ;an intuitive understanding of something: intuitive feeling.

2 VISUAL THESAURUS emotion feeling the experiencing of affective and emotional states VISUAL THESAURUS feeling. VISUAL THESAURUS (VT) emotion : fear, love, joy, hatred. VT, the experiencing of affective and emotional states,., feeling, touch, a feel, awareness (impression, opinion), somatic sensation.

INFOMAP emotion feeling 3). (superordinate, subordinate).

emotion : emotion intellect passion mood feeling thought anger action motivation.

: intellect personality, psyche, ability, culture, heart, commitment; assion tenderness, death, fire, love, pride; mood character, tone, style, atmosphere, time, behavior, scene, personality; feeling atmosphere, depression, thinking, company, sensation, intuition, pain; thought life, practice, speech, behavior; anger pain, resentment, despair, fear, frustration; action behavior, inaction, decision, policy; motivation commitment, interest, leadership, morale, satisfaction.

feeling : feeling sensation pain depression atmosphere emotion thought thinking intuition (.3).

: sensation appearance, movement, perception, experience; pain fear, pleasure, suffering, discomfort, anger; depression anxiety, insomnia, confusion, tension, stress; atmosphere style, surface, service, soil, mood; emotion anger, passion, mood, intellect motivation, love, action; thinking perception, action, practice, writing, language; thought speech, time, knowledge, effort, language, life, behavior, experience; intuition sensitivity, imagination, judgment, creativity, sensing, experience.

INFOMAP emotion feeling VISUAL TH SARUS INFOMAP 3) emotion feeling 20 3 INFOMAP feeling/emotion BNCweb [Corpus Linguistics with BNCweb a Practical Guide, 2008]. ) (emotion(s)/feeling(s)) (N+N emotion voice, expression, intensity, depth, intellect, anger ( ).

4 BNCweb emotion feeling: helplessness, dread, unease, guilt, satisfaction (.. 5).

BNCweb emotions:

feelings, moods, thoughts, actions. feelings: thoughts, guilt, emotions, attitudes, helplessness. emotions feelings.

(VISUAL THESAURUS, INFOMAP) BNCweb emotion(s) feeling(s) feeling emotion feeling emotion.

5 BNCweb feeling emotion(s) feeling(s) - - - - -, 1) emotion(s) feeling(s),, to provoke, to arouse, to create, to evoke, - * - * BNCweb - - - helplessness voice unease intensity dread expression guilt depth satisfaction panic - - - 6 - emotion(s) feeling(s) BNCweb -24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-59, 60+. to evoke, to arouse ( ) strong ( ). an emotion of horror a feeling of terror horror terror horror terror - Damasio, BNCweb (emotion/feeling) HUMAINE Schr der, 2011].

HUMAINE, - - HUMAINE Emotion EARL : negative & forceful (anger, annoyance, contempt, disgust, irritation); negative & not in control (anxiety, embarrassment, fear, helplessness, powerlessness, worry); negative thoughts (doubt, envy, frustration, guilt, shame); negative & passive (boredom, despair, disappointment, hurt, sadness);

agitation (shock, stress, tension); positive & lively (amusement, delight, elation, excitement, happiness, joy, pleasure); caring (affection, empathy, friendliness, love);

positive thoughts (courage, hope, pride, satisfaction, trust); quiet positive (calm, content, relaxation, relief, serenity); reactive (interest, politeness, surprise).

emotion feeling emotion/feeling + preposition of BNCWeb : - of,.

emotion negative and not in control fear positive and lively excitement happiness caring love 2 emotion anger 0 amusement annoyance 0 delight negative & forceful positive & lively contempt 0 elation disgust 0 excitement 8,irritation 0 joy happiness 9, anxiety 0 affection embarrassment negative & not in caring fear 15,2 empathy control helplessness powerlessness 0 friendliness worry 0 love 9, doubt 0 courage negative thoughts envy 0 hope positive thoughts frustration 0 pride guilt 0 satisfaction shame 0 trust boredom 0 calm negative & passive despair 0 quiet positive content disappointment 0 relaxation hurt 0 relief sadness 0 serenity agitation shock 0 reactive interest stress 0 politeness tension 0 surprise [Damasio, 2000],. (excitement) happiness feeling 3.,, feeling. : anger, helplessness, guilt, sadness, tension, elation, excitement, empathy, satisfaction, calm.

feeling negative & not in control).

3 feeling anger 31,7 amusement annoyance 4,9 delight 6,negative & forceful positive & lively contempt 2,9 elation 157,disgust 27,5 excitement 1irritation 4,1 happiness 43,joy pleasure 27, anxiety 23,1 affection 8, embarrassment negative & not in caring fear 58,5 empathy 45,control helplessness 303,powerlessness 52,1 friendliness worry 0 love 24, doubt 0 courage negative thoughts envy 10,6 hope 0,positive frustration 29,4 pride 28,thoughts guilt 195,8 satisfaction 1shame 27,8 trust 4,negative & passive boredom 19,6 quiet positive calm 16,despair 44,7 content disappointment 61,5 relaxation 1,hurt 4,2 relief 2,sadness 73,7 serenity agitation shock 4,1 reactive interest stress 0,8 politeness tension 33,6 surprise emotion(s) feeling(s), [Damasio, 2000] - emotion fear happiness love ( ). (T. Bosse, C. Jonker, J.

Truer, J. Parvizi).

feeling feeling helplessness guilt elation excitement, satisfaction feeling.

, negative & forceful emotion, feeling anger BNCweb.

- -,, :

BNCweb emotion feeling 2011. (6). M - 79. ISSN 2072- 2011. (6). M - 167. ISSN 2072- 2012. (12). 368. ISSN 1815-49 - II.

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