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- calculation and prediction of socio-economic effect from the use of the warning equipment.

Complex approach including analysis and generalization of data of scientific and technical literature for the last 15 years has been chosen as the method of research for solving problems mentioned above.

Theoretical researches include application of methods of mathematical statistics and probability theory, mathematical modeling allowing to apply special methods of the modern theory of control of stochastic systems, and application of developments in the field of production quality control and reliability of systems.

Based on existing ways of measurement of parameters, a new technique was developed and applied for carrying out industrial tests in specific conditions.

The scientific statements submitted for defense of the thesis paper are as follows:

- reduction of job-related traumatism in railway track sector shall be secured by modem system of warning about the approaching train at the distance of no less than 1000 m;

- safety of current railway track maintenance works is secured by way of warning people using the developed experimentally substantiated and confirmed warning device;

- higher level of security is reached by means of taking timely managerial decisions, based on the designed mathematical model and the selected safety criteria.

The basic results, practical inferences and recommendations are as follows:

- it has been ascertained, that the focus of a problem consists in the degree of distribution of preventive means and tools of warning workers about possible danger. To decrease the number of heavy accidents it is necessary, first of all, to improve the organization and technology of the processes of production by introducing means of warning workers about danger and allowing to take adequate measures;

- a decision, allowing to decrease the level of traumatism in track facilities has been offered. The proposed device can be used in portable, onboard and stationary construction;

- two models are created, their high efficiency having been corroborated by laboratory and field tests;

- for improving the system of railway safety control, on the basis of the chosen criteria of safety estimation, a mathematical model has been developed.

Within the bounds of actions at increasing the level of railway track safety the developed device for notification about the approaching train has been tested and used in real situation;

- the established dependences of timely getting people to a save zone allow to property organize technological processes on the current railway track maintenance, taking into account types of work, structure of a brigade, seasonal changes and the speed of passing trains simultaneously.

The results of the research are accepted for introduction and further reflection at the regional laboratory of means of diagnostics of PCh 46 of the Almaty interval of a way of Joint-Stjck Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, and also in Open Company Scientific Research Institute of Development of Means of Communications, which obviously confirms credibility of the basic inferences and conclusion.

Compared to the base variant of the notification device produced in Russia, the given variant proves to be much more efficient by all parameters, and economic efficiency can be estimated at about 500 thousand tenge.

Here, the expenses on maintenance of railway track safety shall not occur spontaneously, but defined accordingly to the damages caused by breach of track safety regulations.

Realization of the track safety conception will require significant improvement of the corresponding legal base.

Due not availability of accessible and exhausting information it becomes possible to eliminate causes of faults and breakdowns and take quick and precise measures for detecting technical disorders, or mistakes of the personnel or incorrect decisions of managerial staff.

Expenses will be justified, having great social, rather than economical, effect.

On the whole, the objective aim and tasks present in the research work have been successfully resolved. Practical use of the results of the given work will be conductive to notable decrease of industrial traumatism and further increase of security and safety at work.

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