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Under the conditions of globalization the language sphere of public life undergoes the most considerable changes. It results in quite a different approach to the problem of language education, the basic idea of it being the study of any language in unity with the culture of native speakers. Besides it is possible to speak of multilingual education, the result of which must be formed the multilingual competence of citizens of the society. The constituents of this multilingual competence have to become a native language by means of which a citizen could identify the membership of an ethnos, a Kazakh language having a status of a state language the knowledge of which would promote a successful civil integration, the Russian language as the source of scientific and technical information, a foreign language and other non-native languages as well, developing the mans abilities to self-identification in the world community.

Under these conditions the problem of formation and development of multilingual education and also the working out its theoretical and methodological basis become urgent.

The object of investigation: language education.

The aim of investigation: theoretical-methodological grounding and the revealing of the essence of multilingual education.

Methods of investigation. To solve the outlined tasks and control the initial suppositions were used the complex of scientific research methods, adequate to the matter of the phenomena under study and ensuring pedagogical measurement of the real language situation: methodological and theoretical analysis of scientific literature on the problem under research; generalization of innovational experience of home and overseas systems of education; the study and analysis of educational documentation; comparative analysis of pedagogical phenomena and facts; retrospective analysis,>

The results of the work:

- the factors and the grounding of urgency of multilingual education were revealed on the basis of pedagogical analysis of the modern language situation (historical, pedagogical, socio-pedagogical and theoretical prerequisites);

- pedagogical thesaurus of multilingual education that gives the definition of such key notions of research as multilingual education and multilingual personality;

- theoretical fundamentals of multilingual education have been revealed due to the object and subject of investigation, and also the formation of the conceptual system of ethnolingual didactics as an interdisciplinary branch of scientific knowledge that appeared at the turn of lingual didactics and ethnodidactics;

- as methodological provision of multilingual education, ethnolingual didactic approach as the totality of basis, specialized methods and specific means has been offered;

- scientific and methodic accompaniment of multilingual education has been projected due to the revealing and grounding of its innovative and pedagogical specificity;

- pedagogical monitoring of multilingual education has been worked out as a tracking system of the results of learning and teaching activity;

- normative and legal basis of multilingual education has been improved due to the working out of document package regulating and governing the activity of subjects in this process.

The degree of introducing research results: The main results of research have been reflected in the contents of monographs, school-books, electronic tutorials, computer-aided educational programs, methodic recommendations published by the author of dissertation, in the materials of international and republic scientific and practical conferences and scientific and methodic seminars devoted to multilingual educational problems, as well as in the rage of official documents: Conception of multilingual education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan; Program of introduction of multilingual education at the Buketov Karaganda State University during the period of 2008-2012; Regulation of multilingual education organization at the Buketov Karaganda State University; Regulation of the activity of multilingual education development centre at the Buketov Karaganda State University; Program of multilingual education pedagogical monitoring reflecting the universal monitoring and estimating mechanism of its quality.

The field of application: the scientific and applied results of the research can be used in the pedagogical process of educational institutions of all types, in the schooling of the Higher School, in the system of postgraduate education, advanced training courses of teaching stuff.

The prospects of research: this thesis research opens prospects for fundamental scientific and applied elaborations in the field of polylingual education, as well as scientific grounding of modern innovative strategies of lingual education development as a whole.

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