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Stebletsova Irina Stanislavovna

Features of development of students ability for humanitarian creation work under the condition of secondary schools

13.00.01 General pedagogic, history of pedagogic and education, ethnopedagogic

The given dissertation is the research of development of creative abilities of an individual based on his/her personally important values and internal settings, creation of conditions for self-actualization and self-realization are humanistically orientated and form one of the priority-driven directions of the educational policy of Kazakhstan.

At present, the problem of development of creative abilities bears more significant status development of personal abilities for humanitarian creation work becomes an up-to-date issue.

The objective of the research is to provide theoretical justification and methodical support for the process of developing the students abilities in the sphere of humanitarian creativity within comprehensive schools.

The object of research: theoretical justification and methodic support of a process facilitating development of students abilities for humanitarian creation work under the condition of secondary schools.

Methods implemented in the research:

- theoretical - analysis and summarization of the philosophical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical related to the problem being studied, simulation, synthesizing the empirical material, data analysis and comparison, data evaluation and explanation;

- empirical -conversation, observation, various types of experimenting, solving educational problems, analysis of the lessons and self-examination targeting lessons and seminars;

- statistical the methods related to the statistical data processing.

Methodological basis of the research work is composed of: a concept of systematic approach; theory of activity and active approach; personality approach; synergetic; axiological approach; cultural approach; hermeneutic; dialogue theory; humanistic psychology.

Theoretical basis of the research work: concepts of humanization and humanization of education; integrity of pedagogic process; selection concepts of education content.

The scientific newness and theoretical significance of research:

- essence of such concepts as humanitarian creativity, ability for humanitarian creation work is defined, an ability for humanitarian creativity is placed among hierarchy of abilities, components composition is developed;

- a structural-description model of students abilities development process is theoretically justified and developed under the condition of secondary schools;

- criteria, indications and levels of formation of humanitarian creativity abilities are defined;

- features of development of students abilities for humanitarian creation work are identified.

The practical significance of research:

- possibilities of pedagogical process to develop students abilities for humanitarian creativity are displayed;

- a Programme of development of students abilities for humanitarian creativity is worked out and tested, the educational manual Man the face of the century, Pedagogical Processes in the educational system: theory and practice.

The research base: public city and regional schools of various types that apply kazakh and russian the educational process: regional gymnasium - boarding school named after Zhambyl, gymnasium 3, computerized lyceum specializing in teaching physics and math, lyceum 34, village lyceum and village public school named after Damitov based in Katon-Karagaiskiy region, Karaulskaya gymnasium based in Abaiskiy region, public school 4 based in Kyrchymskiy region, public school named after Gagarin based in Zavidnoe village of the Ulanskiy region. The research enabled the following participants: 316 pupils of the 8 grades, 75 fourth year students of the philology and journalism institute (representing such departments as Russian language and literature and Kazakh language and literature) of the East-Kazakhstan state university named after S.Amanzholov, and also some 125 attendees of the regional seminars held under on the grounds of East-Kazakhstan branch of the Daryn center.

Trustworthiness and validity of the results of the research are conditioned by the initial methodological positions, support on modern achievements in the field of theory and teaching methods, accordance of a scientific apparatus with the object, subject and tasks of the research, application of optimum complex of the research methods, which are adequate to the object and tasks of the dissertation, regularity and systematization of work, analysis of experimental data, detailed interpretation of data, usage of methods of mathematical statistics, corroboration of conclusions by experimental way, practical introduction of the programmed of development of pupils abilities for humanitarian creative work into the pedagogical process of comprehensive schools.

Field of application: the results achieved through the research may be applied in comprehensive school in order to arrange proper methodic activities aimed at developing the students abilities in the sphere of humanitarian creativity.

The following areas requite further development: succession in the process of forming the abilities of the students in the sphere of humanitarian creativity (throughout elementary school, basic school and secondary school years; through the activities provided by the teachers of various educational subjects within a certain school stage); the preparation of the future educators for the particular work aimed at forming the abilities of the students in the sphere of humanitarian creativity.

26.02.2007 .

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