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- The opportunity of realization of reaction amides monothiooxamides cytisine and anabasine by hydrosin-hydrate with reception potentially bioactive tiohydroside oxamine the acids having in structure simultaneously amides and iohydrosides fragments was studied and shown;

- Reaction N-(S)-replaced monothiooxamides with hydroxilamine with formation corresponding carbamoilamidoximes is studied and the mechanism of their formation is found out;

- The mechanism of reaction amides monothiooxamides under action diamine with formation corresponding 4,5-dihidroimidasol-2-carboxamides is investigated. The one-phasic method of synthesis 4,5-dihidroimidasol-2-carboxamides by interaction corresponding chloroacetamides alkaloids with diamine at presence of element sulfur is studied and offered;

- Reaction soapes monothiooxamides derivatives alkaloids and their interactions with-halogencetones is studied, a lot of new potentially bioactive mpounds - tiooxaniles acids and thiazoles is received and characterized with use of modern physical and chemical methods of the analysis;

The practical value of the results. As a result of the lead researches synthesis 40 new monothiooxamides cytisine, anabasine, etc. amines is carried out, data about their reactionary ability are obtained and ways of their further updating are certain, optimum conditions of their reception are developed and offered. With application of modern physical and chemical methods of the analysis (IR-, NMR-spectroscopy, RSA) is established structure of the synthesized mpounds. Among the received new mpounds the substances possessing funqicide, aficide and hepatoprotector are found out by kinds of activity.

The field of application. Results of dissertational work about synthesis new chemical compounds, properties, conclusions about their reactionary abilities, and also data on laws of interrelation of structure and biological activity of mpounds, antibacterial substances can find application in the research organizations spending search research in the field of organic synthesis, medicine, an agriculture.

Data about reactionary ability and mechanisms of formation of new mpounds can be applied at carrying out of search works on designing new medicinal substances.

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