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Now, in the conditions of transformation of fundamental bases of a society, transition of the country to market economy and expansions of economic attitudes with the countries of near and far abroad occur significant changes in all spheres of education. The educational policy in the republic, directed on development of the given system and its organic integration in world educational space.

In conditions of the countrys integration in foreign economy the modern society shows higher and qualitatively other requirements to experts with higher education of a new formation. In particular, on the foreground there is experts with higher education who knows three languages, i.e. a knowledge of Kazakh, Russian and foreign (English) languages. In the state program of functioning and development of languages for 2001-2010 it is spoken that " One of the major conditions of successful language development is the organization and maintenance of stable functioning of high-grade system of teaching languages, a being component of the general culture of a society. The given system should represent interconnected consecutive and whenever possible the continuous process which is carried out at various levels and in various forms. Now the basic attention in this area is given educational and educational institutions of various levels that is the optimal and natural by realization of linguistic preparation in necessary volume. The principle of a continuity necessary for full and deep mastering of demanded knowledge and skills, can be provided under condition of construction of training under the>

The object of the research is process of professional pedagogical preparation of future philologists.

The purpose of the research is a theoretical substantiation and experimental check of future philologists gnosiological potentials development in conditions of continuous education.

Methodological base of research are the behavior approach to education and training, the concept of developing training, designing of pedagogical systems, social and economic, theoretical and scientific approaches to the vocational guidance, the personality focused approach considering interrelation of age features with a choice of a trade by the teenager.

Methods of research. For the decision of tasks in view and check of starting positions the complex of following methods were used:

At a theoretical level: the conceptual analysis of the psychological pedagogical and methodological literature on a problem of research; scientific interpretation and synthesis of empirical data.

At an empirical level: diagnostic methods (questioning, testing), supervision, comparison, measurement.

The results of the work:

  • the characteristic of the maintenance of vocational counselling and professional selection in the organizations of education is added, the requirements to the future philologists in the principles of continuous education were revealed;
  • the essence of the concept future philologists gnosiological potential was pointed out;
  • the ways of future philologists gnosiological potentials development in the principles of continuous education were pointed out.

The research materials have been implemented in the work of Pavlodar state university named after S. Toraigyrov, Kaynar University, regional multiple-discipline school-lyceum for talented children, secondary school-lyceum 10 named after Abay. The basic results of research were discussed in international, republic, universitys scientific-practical conferences and were published inn scientific magazines.

Introduction recommendations and the results of scientific-research work: the research results have been introduced in the work of continuous educations levels: professional secondary and higher professional education.

Application field: professional secondary and higher professional education.

Prognostication of the research object further elaboration: the research that had been conducted doesnt pretend to solve all aspects of the given problem and further theoretical and practical elaboration which could be continued with examining the problem of development of future philologists gnosiological potential on the other levels of continuous education.

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