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Kokanbayev Satilla Zakirovich

Formation of professional compentence offuture pedagogucs of professional education in the system ofcontinuing schoolcollegeuniversity

13.00.08. Theoryand methods of professional education

The chief tendence ofour centure its stable developing ofsociety which always connected with us, andgiving an answer to this questions, depend fromknowledge and learning all people ofthe world. Besides only professionals areable to do this own job and answer for it,further to survive society and to create conditions going out from the deep crisisbut if its very necessary to provide with return nationalcultural traditionsand valuable contactswith other countries and nations. Fore going situations witnesses aboutdeep preoccupation ourgovernment with manifestation of crisis in education with lets in variousforms. Its connected not only with omission in intellectual, personal, modaldeveloping of young generation but and in unready system of education formingthe mentalitet of person and consequently the all society in spirit of comman to all many hindvalues.

Thats why was appeared thenecessary trying to understand purposeful function of education as asystem aims of its each steps and links trying to look throught traditionalpresentation about social essence of education success of modern civilization, general developing ofinformational technologies, grafting its cultural layer, intensification of social role of persons,possessing computer technologies in their own branch of production increase ofprinciples democratization of society, intellectualization of labour, quickly change of technicand technology supposenecessary substitution of formula for all life to education through all life.

Aim of the research

ScientificTheoretical basing andpractical exploitation of pedagogical formation of process of continuing education of futurepedagogues of professional education.

Object of the research

The educational process of pedagogues ofprofessional continuing education.

Subject of the research

Pedagogical basic of process ofcontinuing education of pedagogues of professional educational complexschoolcollegeuniversity

Methods of the research

Theoretical research systematic analysis,predictions design, copaing of >

Theoretical basis of thesis researchconsist of:

in systematization of stage of formationand development ideas and experience continuing education in history ofpedagogical science.

In basis of dependence in development ofmaintenance from succession of maintenance of education in the system continuingeducation in the limits of systems schoolcollegeuniversity byIndustrial pedagogicalacademy of Almaty.

In working out of recommendation byinculcation of system of continuing education upon experience AGTU (Almaty Humanitariantechnicaluniversity).

Practical meaning of the researchconsists:

In incutcution in the system ofeducational establishment of new type Kazakhstan, connecting the systemschoolcollegeuniversity, where the educational process is carried out offor special working plan and program.

Authenticity scientificresults

And conclutions provides bymethodological and Theretical basis of initial positions of research ofproblem, its necessary characters which correspond to demands of time.Structure of Thesis is defind purposefull directions and aims of the research.

The maintenance of Thesis clates on 303page and consists of introduction 4 patterns, conclusion and bibliography,supplement.

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