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  • to study theoretical basis of the form and function of the labour market;
  • to examine the essence of agrarian labour market and its forming and functioning peculiarities under modern circumstances;
  • to analyze modern socio-economic conditions of the regions development, demographic aspects of the rural population movement in Kostanayskaya oblast and value the labour potential in the region;
  • to define the main objective regularities and punciples of agrarian labour formation in the agricultural economy economy under modern circumstances;
  • to identify the main scientific approaches concerning labour market regulation in the village on the methodological plane;
  • to diagnose the mechanism and specific features of employment at the enterprises and family terms in the agrarian regions;
  • to substantiate the role of small business in the village in increasing the population employment;
  • to predict the rural population employment;
  • to work out the main principles and directions of effective employment regulation in the village.

The subject and object of the research.

The subject of the research is the total combination of labour and economic relations, arising in connection with the rural population employment and its social- economic position. The object of the research is the regional agrarian labour market.

Theoretical and methodological basis of the research

Is the scientific works of foreign scientists and the scientists of our country on the problems of forming and regulation of agrarian labour market under the conditions of agrarian reformation and transformation of organizational - legal forms of management in the village. The official statistical materials of the Kazakhstan Republic Agency on statistics of statistics department of Kostanayskaya oblast, the data of RK of agricultural department and also regional programmes of socio-economic development and employment assistance form the information basis of the research.

The scientific novelty consist in the following:

  • The scientific forming bass and labour market functioning under the conditions of market economy are determined, the authors definition of labour market is suggested;
  • The relations formed in the agrarian economy between the buyers and the sellers on the occasion of buying and selling of labour services were revealed;
  • The demographic conditions of Kostanayskaya oblast rural population movement were determined;
  • The estimation of rural economy labour potential and the level of its use were given;
  • The objective regularities and the agrarian labour market formulation principles in agriculture under modern circumstances were formed;
  • The categories employment of agricultural workers were marked out, the place of economic of the population economics, argroindustrial compexes made was defined.
  • The demographic prediction was perspective, tendencies of demographical politics of the region were defined;
  • Recommendations and suggestion of the improvement of the state politics of reputation of employment and labour market were worked out in the village.

The practical significance of the results of the research implies that the recommendations, works out and conclusions which the dissertation containts, will allow to value the rate of employment and unemployment in rural areas of the region. The complex of arrange on rural population employment regulation was worked out. Suggestion rural population employment assistance can be used as labour market regulating mechanisms in the agrarian sector of regional economy.

Approbation of the research results

The basi positions of the dissertation were published in 13 scientific works, 3 articles in the editions which were recommended by the Control committee in the sphere of education and science MES (MON) RK, 9 thesises in the materials of international and republican conference with the common size of 3,2 printed pages.

Some positions of the dissertation work were taken for agricaltuaral Management application in Kostanayskaya oblast.


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