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Abdrakhmanov Sarsenbay Kadyrovich

Epizootological monitoring and immunoprophylaxis of the>Aujeszky's disease

16.00.03 Veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology with mycotoxicology and immunology


Research objects: vaccinal and pathogenic strains of Aujeszky's disease (AD) and>

The objective of the work was to develop a science-based system for the epizootological monitoring and means for specific prophylaxis of the>

Methodological approach: In the course of the research the conventional methods of virological study were used: virus isolation, virus titration, serological tests (neutralization test, ELISA), PCR, immunobiological methods of virus characterization.

In epizootological studies the method of epizootological survey including comparative historical and comparative geographical description, analytical epizootological and laboratory assays were used as well as methods of the profile, cohort and random-control analysis.

Results of the research: Scientific principles of the epizootological monitoring of the>

An epizootic map of the territories under study was developed and the range of the diseases spread was determined via cartographic analysis of the areas affected. The risk of the CSF introduction into the territory of the republic in five regions was analyzed.

Biological characterization of attenuated and pathogenic strains of the>

Influence of electrostimulation on production of the cellular immunity effectors to Aujeszky's disease was studied.

Possibility to prepare a virus vaccine for Aujeszky's disease in tablets was investigated. It has been demonstrated that during the first 7-10 days of storage the stability of the tabletted virus vaccine is not inferior to the specimens stored in the sealed ampoules with constant humidity.

The technology for serial production of vaccines for the>

Implementation of the research work has resulted in development of the utility models that increase the labor productivity in 2.5-3.0.

Practical proposals: to maintain the freedom of the country from the>

  • Technology for production of the highly effective virus vaccines for specific prophylaxis that form stable immunity to these infections in susceptible livestock and technological normative documents for the dried virus vaccine for the>
  • Recommendations on implementation of the counterepizootic measures against the>
  • Utility models that have been patented by the RK Patent Agency and are practically used under working conditions.

The obtained results are used in the training process in the departments of the veterinary medicine faculty of S.Seifullin's Kazakh Agrotechnical University, in the Epizootology Department of the Kazakh National Agrarian University as well as in the Epizootology, Parasitology and VSE Department of the Janghir-Khan's West-Kazakh Agrarian and Technical University in the course of studying disciplines such as epizootology and organization of the veterinary business.

Range of application: Livestock- and swine-breeding, veterinary medicine and biotechnology.

Availability of using the results of the research: At present the total pig population in the republic tends to increase. Since the vaccination is abandoned monitoring is very important to reveal epizootic situations and to take timely measures aimed at prevention of these diseases.

The developed veterinary preparations are used in the veterinary practice for specific prophylaxis and maintenance of the freedom from these infections as well as for using as a national reserve of veterinary preparations.

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