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The substantive provisions which are taken out on protection: solubility of ferric nitrate, cobaltous perchlorate, bromides (iodides) of cobalt (nickel), their compounds with a carbamide, and also compounds of a carbamide with nitric, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen iodide, chloric acids in solutions of the corresponding acids and salts containing a carbamide at 25 ; laws of processes complexing in systems iron nitrate, iodide (bromide) of nickel (cobalt) and cobaltous perchlorate a carbamide nitric (hydrogen bromide, hydrogen iodide, chloric) acid water at 25 ; techniques of synthesis 20 new coordination compounds of salts of iron, cobalt and nickel with the protonized carbamide and results of identification by their methods chemical, X-ray analysis, physical and chemical properties of the synthesised compounds; prospective structure and geometrical parametres of some coordination compounds.

Results of research:

1. On the basis of solubility studying in 6 four-componental systems containing water solutions of ferric nitrate, bromide, iodide of cobalt (nickel) and cobaltous perchlorate, nitric (hydrogen bromide, hydrogen iodide, chloric) acids, at 25 0 formation in these systems of 20 new coordination compounds containing simultaneously in the structure of salt of metals, a carbamide and acid is established.

2. From the analysis of the received isotherms of solubility follows: solubility of threefold compounds increases with growth maintenances of acids in a solution, i.e. it is shown salting influence to what reduction of values of water number in these solutions with growth of concentration of acids testifies; there is a crystallisation of ephtonical structures and the double coordination compounds, which existence has been established at solubility studying in making three-componental systems iron salt (cobalt and nickel) a carbamide water, a carbamide acid water; increasing quantities of acids render salting action on solubility of compounds of salts of metals with a carbamide; introduction of salts of iron (cobalt and nickel) renders salting action on solubility carbamide acides; solubility ephtonical structures of systems metal salt a carbamide water at acid addition increases; solubility ephtonical structures of systems a carbamide acid water in most cases decreases with growth of concentration of initial salt of metal; growth of concentration of acids in the solutions which are in balance with initial salt leads to decrease in their solubility.

3. On the basis of diagrammes of solubility of the studied four-componental systems synthesis techniques in laboratory conditions of 20 new threefold compounds are developed. Their individuality is proved by chemical and X-ray analysis methods

4. For the synthesised compounds temperatures of fusion (decomposition), density and solubility in a number of organic solvents are defined. The received compounds are insoluble in benzene and toluene, it is bad solved in ethoxy ethane, it is good solved in acetone and ethanol. Density of salts of metals with the ptotonized carbamide have intermediate values between density of a carbamide and salts of metals.

5. As a result of tests of some synthesized compounds it is revealed, that they promote increase of productivity of plants on 20 40 % and do not render harmful influence on quality of a crop.

6. Displacement of strips in infra-red spectrum of valency fluctuations C = O bond in low-frequency area, C N bonds in high-frequency area, occurrence in spectra of compounds of strips of absorption OH groups testifies about protonized carbamide on atom of oxygen carbonyl groups.

7. Quantum chemical calculations establish geometrical, power and electronic parametres of compounds of the structure,, found parameters will well be agreed with infra-red spectrum researches.

Estimation of completeness of decisions of tasks in view. The problems put in dissertational work, are solved completely. As a result of the spent researches solubilities in four-componental systems iron salt (cobalt, nickel) inorganic acid a carbamide are studied water, structures of compounds are established, optimum conditions of their formation are defined, laws of mutual influence of components in systems are established, the synthesised compounds by chemical, physical and physical and chemical methods of research are identified, structures and features of their power characteristics of thermodynamic stability are revealed.

Recommendations about concrete use of results of research. Data on solubility in the studied systems give the necessary information for a choice of optimum conditions of synthesis of new coordination compounds. Physico chemical characteristics of new compounds are supplemented with help data on coordination compounds. The obtained data bring the contribution to inorganic, coordination chemistry, chemistry of hydrogen bridges. Results quantum chemical calculations can be used as indexes at an estimation of relative reactionary ability of a carbamide, nitrate of a carbamide and carbamide complexes of iron and they are recommended as help data.

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